We Got Zendaya To Answer 15 Of Her Biggest Fans' Most Pressing Questions

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I enjoy that my fans, I feel, keep it real with me. They’re honest with me. They love me, and they’re very sweet, and they support everything I do, which I’m very lucky for, but they also keep it real with me. Like, apparently they have this thing against me using the laughing emoji, because that’s not cool any more. Apparently it’s all about the keyboard smash, which I didn’t know was even a thing, because I’m a grandma and I don’t understand how social media works any more. They get irritated every time I do that.

Every time I make a spelling error — I’m just not a good speller, it’s not my thing. Some things you’re good at, some things you’re not. Spelling? Not my thing. They screenshot and post immediately, no matter how fast I delete it! They have it right there, ready to check me on my spelling. I’m thankful for that and I appreciate them keeping it real.

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