The Timeline For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Has Arrived

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You can get 800 people into the chapel, so the wedding will be smaller than the Westminster Abbey ceremony that Harry’s brother, Prince William, had when he married Kate in 2011, but it’s still somewhat bigger than your average Don’t Tell the Bride affair.

Here’s Kate and William on their post-ceremony street tour in 2011. TBC whether Meghan will be wearing the same “yeah, bitches, I have excelled” expression.

As president of the Football Association, William usually presents the FA Cup to the winning team, and is expected to skip on back to London for the 5:30pm kickoff, before returning to the wedding for the party later on.

This is the good bit where everyone will get pissed, Princess Charlotte and Prince George will take their shoes off and slide around on their knees on the dance floor, Charles and Camilla will be doing “Agadoo”.

Ed Sheeran played at this bit of Kate and William’s wedding. It’s the best bit, basically, and we peasants will get to see ABSOLUTELY NONE of it, because there will almost certainly be a phone ban and they won’t release any pictures.

So there you go. Stick it in your diaries, wave yer flags, and get ready to fav all the pictures of Meghan’s likely-to-be-outstanding dress.

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