Richard Madden Read Thirst Tweets About Himself And He Wasn't Prepared For Your Thirst

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From starring as the dreamy Prince in 2015’s Cinderella to winning us over as the rugged Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, you’ve definitely drooled over Richard Madden at some point over the years. Like:

Macey J Foronda / BuzzFeed

So, in the name of thirst, we had Richard read ~thirst tweets~ about himself and TBH, I don’t think he was prepared to stick his hand in the Thirst Tweets Jug™:

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everyone go see cinderella bc 90% of the movie is just richard madden’s bulge + butt and man it’s so worth it

02:51 PM – 19 Mar 2015


you know i used to say i hated chest hair and facial hair and stuff like that and then i saw richard madden and that was a life changing experience for me.

12:49 AM – 17 Mar 2018


So I’m late to the party and finally watching bodyguard and I think I’m pregnant after just looking at Richard Madden.

05:18 PM – 09 Sep 2018


anyways, random thought but i would let jon snow take me from my mouth n robb stark from behind, even if they dont shower

04:47 AM – 15 Aug 2016


Bodyguard drops on Netflix today and so begins my Emmy campaign for Richard Madden’s left jaw muscle. It does so much work over 6 episodes. https://t.co/uxOQiSIS1w

01:15 PM – 24 Oct 2018


“I wanna bend Richard Madden over, pull his hair, make him arch is back and wreck him like an iron fist going through a wet sheet of paper.”

05:13 AM – 24 Apr 2013


Wanna thirst over Richard even more? Make sure to check him out in Bodyguard, now streaming on Netflix!

Macey J Foronda / BuzzFeed

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