Kris Jenner Appeared In The “Thank U, Next” Video And Stepped Into The Role She Was Born To Play

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So, we all know Kris Jenner — Momager, mogul, and pop culture’s official-unofficial Money Mover™.

And unless you’ve been living under a BOULDER, you also know that pop princess Ariana Grande just dropped her iconic “thank u, next” music video that we will surely be reading about in history textbooks for the next 100 years.

Well, in the video, Ari references a ton of famous female-centered rom-coms, including my personal favorite, Mean Girls.

Republic Records / Vevo

Naturally, homage was paid to the talent show/”Jingle Bell Rock” moment, but I was NOT 👏 PREPARED 👏 for what happened next…

Republic Records / Vevo


Republic Records / Vevo

Like, Amy Poehler is shaking, quaking, and quivering!!!!!!!

Paramount Pictures, Republic Records / Vevo

Kris NAILED the role — all the way down to the light pink Juicy Couture jumpsuit!!!!!!!

Republic Records / Vevo

Basically, this was all of us, SHOOK, rewinding the vid and finding the perfect screen grab of Kris to meme:

And so we took to Twitter:

i almost spit out my drink when kris jenner came on screen in ariana’s thank u, next videoo KRIS UR DOING AMAZING SWEETIE !!!!!

I just screamed when Kris Jenner popped up on my phone in the thank u, next music video. Now that was fucking iconic

Kris Jenner ~herself~ even weighed in on the vid:

Let’s face it: This was Kris Jenner’s role. She deserves an Oscar, a standing ovation, and a Hump Day treat.

Republic Records / Vevo

In conclush, Kris Jenner is NOT a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. 💁

Republic Records / Vevo

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