John Stamos Once Jacked Off To An Episode Of “Fuller House”

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So just in case you didn’t know, John Stamos (aka Uncle Jesse from Full House and Fuller House) recently became a father for the first time earlier this year – at age 54.

Instagram: @johnstamos

Well last night, John was a guest on Busy Tonight and he opened up about the process he and his wife went through to get pregnant.

Instagram: @johnstamos

John told a story about how he was being placed in a room at the doctor’s office to….um, give his sperm sample, and that while in there something unexpected happen:

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So, yeah, instead of getting some porn for visual stimulation John ended up getting an episode of Fuller House.

He then added that if he was going to get off to himself it should be the early-’90s version of himself on Full House.

I think someone should tell John I am sure most of America would be happy to get off to him both then and now!!!

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