I Watched The New True Crime Series On Netflix Called “Evil Genius” Because People Are Saying It's Crazy And Here's How It Was

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Dispatcher: Police, what’s your emergency?

Bill Rothstein: At 8645 Peach Street, in the garage, there is a frozen body, it’s in the freezer. There’s a woman there you might wanna pick up and question.

D: 8645 Peach Street?

BR: Yes.

D: How do you know that, sir?

BR: Trust me. I know.

D: Who are you?

BR: I’m the guy who lives there.

D: What is your name, sir?

BR: Bill Rothstein.

D: And what is her name?

BR: Marjorie Diehl.

D: Ok, and Marjorie Diehl is at that residence now?

BR: Yes.

D: Who is she to you, sir?

BR: I’ll give you guys my story later on.

D: There’s a frozen body in the freezer?

BR: In the garage, that is correct.

D: Do you know who the person is in the freezer?

BR: Uh…


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