I (A Non-Celebrity) Tried Out Justin Bieber's $30 White T-Shirt

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Now there’s a little more going on with this white T (it’s the Original, there are seven different types available from Hanes x karla — more on that later). It costs about five times more than the regular plain white T — all of the shirts in the line retail for $30, so you’re not breaking the bank but it ain’t exactly cheap. I liked the longer cut — you can see it in the waist and arms. It just felt like it had more character! The cotton also definitely feels higher quality, too.

The one disappointing thing is I didn’t have time to wash the shirt — one of the selling points of the line is the shirts are supposed to get more personalized with each wash and wear, sort of like a pair of jeans. Still, this was a pretty good start (although to be fair…it has to take some pretty major talent to fuck up a white T.)

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