Production Has Been Shut Down On “Bachelor In Paradise” Because Of A Reported Sexual Incident

Multiple outlets have reported that, as is customary on Bachelor in Paradise, the contestants were drinking heavily. A show source told People that “it appears as though conduct allegedly occurred without the proper consent having been given.”

A contestant also told People that two other cast members saw the interaction and “are upset that crew members did not do more to stop the incident.”

“Dear Evan Hansen” Came Out On Top At The Tonys

Dear Evan Hansen won big at the 2017 Tonys with six awards, including Best Musical, Best Actor for Ben Platt, Best Featured Actress for Rachel Bay Jones, and Best Score for Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

In terms of total awards, Hello, Dolly! came in second with four awards, including Best Actress for Bette Midler. On the play side, the awards were fairly evenly split: Oslo won Best Play and Best Featured Actor for Michael Aronov, but Indecent and The Little Foxes also picked up two awards each.

Unlike last year’s ceremony — where the unprecedented phenomenon that was Hamilton overshadowed the competition — the winners for this year’s Tonys were far more difficult to guess. Yes, there were some sure things: Platt and Midler were predicted months ago. But categories without clear frontrunners allowed for some well-earned suspense and made wins for Aronov and Indecent play director Rebecca Taichman all the more exciting.

Hamilton may have made the 2016 Tonys more predictable, but it also helped imbue the ceremony with a more racially diverse set of winners. All four musical acting awards last year — three from Hamilton and one from The Color Purplewent to black actors. But as Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda said, “I think our incredibly, amazingly diverse Tonys season that just ended was a fluke.”

And indeed, this year’s crop of acting winners was decidedly whiter, although August Wilson’s Jitney picked up a Tony for Best Revival of a Play.

You can see the full list of Tony Award winners here.

Women Are Loving That Sex Joke In “Wonder Woman,” And Here Are Even More Reasons To Love It

“The modern view of Amazons as lesbians is just that” — a modern invention, wrote Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz, a professor of comparative literature at Hamilton College who, despite being a serious academic, humored me.

Rebecca Flemming, a senior lecturer in classics at the University of Cambridge, told me: “The surviving texts, medical and otherwise, were written overwhelmingly by men, and are not much concerned with female sexuality except insofar as it serves male interests.” And University of Texas, Austin, professor Lesley Dean-Jones wrote in “The Politics of Pleasure” that one respected strain of ancient Greek medical thought allowed a husband to have sex with his wife whenever he wanted “for her own good,” because a womb needed to be weighted down with either semen or a fetus so it wouldn’t drift around her body wreaking havoc.

Thus, the idea that men are superfluous to women’s sexuality “is a reversal of the opinion generally expressed” in antiquity, said UCLA classics professor Amy Richlin, who described her research area as “the raunchiest kinds of ancient literature.” “The only renditions of chick-on-chick sex that I know of in antiquity, they seem to imagine … one of them has to be ‘the man,'” i.e., one of them has “a strap-on,” as she put it. (Rabinowitz mentioned dildos.)

Furthermore, female masturbation “is very, very rarely mentioned,” Richlin said, while male masturbation is frequently mentioned. “Among the people who wrote these texts, there’s just a massive disinterest in what gave women pleasure.”

But Richlin talked about Flemming’s research into vulva votives — some of which depict the clitoris! A votive in the shape of a body part would be offered to heal that body part, so a votive with a clit “attests to some level of loyalty to the clitoris as a body part among actual women who could afford a votive offering.”

The “Sweet/Vicious” Team Wants You To Help Save It And Here's How

“Looking at the cancellation of our show, it is easy to feel like maybe your story doesn’t matter and that could not be more false,” Robinson said. “Shows get canceled for reasons that, literally, have nothing to do with the show. That is what happened here. Unfortunately our show is about something extremely important. The disconnect between the business and the heart sucks.

The Surprising Story Behind The Best “Alias” Episode Ever

“The scene where you first see the double of Francie [Merrin Dungey], where you pan from Francie to Francie dead,” revealed Ken Olin, who directed “Double Agent” and was one of the show’s executive producers.

“We were going to find that out there … but that was the coolest shot, so they put that at the end of the Super Bowl episode and everybody thought Jack Bender did it. It’s fine, he did Lost,” Olin said with a laugh.

Yep, Even Alyson Hannigan Knows The “How I Met Your Mother” Finale Wasn't Great

Not to reopen old wounds here, but just a refresher: Robin and Barney got divorced, Tracy (the Mother) was killed off, and Robin and Ted wound up back together — after the show spent nine years making a pretty compelling case for why they should be apart. Basically, the finale was kind of a mess, and many fans were unhappy with it.

How “Sweet/Vicious” Would Have Ended If It Didn't Get Canceled

(Creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson with stars Taylor Dearden and Eliza Bennett)

“In terms of the five-year plan, I always knew how I wanted to end the show,” Robinson said. “And I also purposefully ended this first season in a way where Jules’ story, you got closure there. Because I was like, who knows? For Jules and Ophelia, that show would have evolved with everything that’s happening in the world.”