People Are Thirsting Hard For This Hot Guy Who Is Running For Congress

1. This is Ammar Campa-Najjar, a 28-year-old small business owner who runs a company called ACN strategies, which focuses on public affairs and strategic communications. He’s also running for Congress.

2. On Tuesday, Campa-Najjar announced on Facebook his run for Congress in California’s 50th Congressional District, which includes five other Democrats already in the race. Duncan D. Hunter, a Republican, currently represents the district that includes most of San Diego. He was elected in 2009, succeeding his father, Duncan L. Hunter.

“My journey really began in 2012 when I was a field director during the Obama campaign,” Campa-Najjar told BuzzFeed News. He praised the people he worked with during that time who “volunteered their labor and love” in the spirit of “the advocacy of a common cause, which was re-electing the president.”

3. As far as why he chose to run for Congress, Campa-Najjar told BuzzFeed News that his main goal was to unite people, especially in today’s political climate.

He reflected on the sense of solidarity during the Obama years, saying, “We were a unified progressive movement.”

“Before people were feeling the burn, before people were stronger together, we were unified and feeling fired up and ready to go,” he said, invoking the slogans of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

4. Campa-Najjar is well on his way to becoming a public figure, and this was evident when he started going viral earlier today.

5. NBC News ran an article on the candidate, which focused on his announcement to run for office and his background.

6. Instead of focusing on the contents of the article, Twitter honed in on Campa-Najjar’s face, expressing their thirst.


— Ryan Houlihan (@RyanHoulihan)

7. Internet stars chimed in.

@NBCLatino @BroderickGreer okay!!

— Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley)

8. People were raring to go to the polls.

@NBCLatino On my way to the polls

— SourceAshley (@WrecklessLove)

9. Some used bordering-on-explict GIFs to get their thoughts about Campa-Najjar across.


— Giblet (@VegasGiblet)

10. The tweets didn’t stop, and people were really into it.

@NBCLatino me trying to get bills passed

— ashley (@ashleydianette)

11. One user likened Campa-Najjar to a Jonas brother look-a-like.

@NBCLatino @nomadandn Anyone else thought this was a Jonas brother, cousin or something Jonas in general?

— Sharnya (@Tileiya)

12. “I mean, it’s flattering,” Campa-Najjar told BuzzFeed News about the reaction people have had towards him. “I hope people focus on my ideas and not my looks.”

He continued: “I’m the candidate. The real casanova of my family is my brother, so take a look at him. He’s the good-looking one.”

13. Though online reaction was strong in a superficial way, Campa-Najjar is going to stay focused on his campaign.

“My party lost the election because we were focused too much on the newsroom and not people’s living room and dining rooms and that’s where I intend to spend most of my time,” he said.

14. He added he intends to spend the coming months “talking to people about what’s hurting them, what’s affecting them.”

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23 Mildly Infuriating Things About “Mean Girls”

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Mean Girls really bothered them. Here are some of their responses.

1. The multiple dress code violations:

The Plastics’ outfits at school, including Regina’s nonchalance with her cut shirt. We got sent home for bare shoulders, and they’re out here strutting around in mini skirts and crop tops? No.

2. Cady saying she’s from an entire continent:

One thing that annoyed me was that Cady kept saying she’s “from Africa.” Everyone I know who comes to America is usually vocal about the country they are from, not the continent…

4. The actors were much older than the parts they played:

I hate that they made most of the cast wayyy outta high school. I know its a movie. But still. Also, did you know that Regina George’s hair is a wig???

5. The caricature of Karen:

I was always kind of bothered by the average dumb blonde stereotype placed on Karen.

6. Cady’s perfect American accent:

Ok. I can’t bash this movie because it’s one of my favorites of all time, but I’ve always wondered why Cady didn’t have an accent. My friend grew up in Africa (and was homeschooled) from 5-15 and even she had a bit of an accent when she came to the US.

7. Mr. Heron’s ineptitude:

How Cady’s dad didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to let Cady out while she was grounded. I’m sure he lived in America before they moved to Africa, he must’ve known what grounding is.

8. Cady’s maybe not-so-challenging math question:

That the big, super-important, crazy-hard Mathlete’s competition question that Cady gets is a limits question. Limits are the first and the easiest thing you learn in Calculus.

9. Mrs. George’s iron breasts:

The part when Cady is first introduced to Regina’s mom, and she’s holding the little dog, and it starts to bite her nipple, and she has no reaction? Breast implants do NOT inhibit sensation to the nipple or any other part of the breast, and that would hurt whether you have implants or not.

10. The lack of repercussions:

Via Paramount Pictures

I’ve always been annoyed how there was no consequence when Janis and Damien tricked Cady into skipping class by showing her the “back building.” I know at my high school you got in a hell of a lot of trouble for skipping class.

11. Damien’s disregard for boundaries:

Via Paramount Pictures

My issue was with Damien just chilling with Cady and Janis in the girls’ bathroom…let the girls pee in peace!

12. Cady’s interesting house party outfit:

Via Paramount Pictures

During the party Cady throws she’s wearing a strapless dress with a regular bra and the straps are showing. I NEVER understood that choice.

13. Who throws a vase!

When Cady has the house party and those boys start throwing the tribal vase. Like who the hell would play pass with something like that? That part just infuriated me because it’s so fucking rude for multiple reasons. Pass around a fucking pillow if you really want to throw something that badly…and AWAY from vases…

14. Ms. Norbury not knowing her own class:

Via Paramount Pictures

When the principal introduces Cady to the class, Ms. Norbury welcomes the African American student. But she’s clearly been teaching this class for a while and should know her students. Why does she not know this girl has been in her class the whole time?

15. The disproportionate violence:

The whole girls fighting scene would never happen in real life. A slap would probably be the most extreme, but girls were throwing one another down the stairs. Like, what?

16. Regina’s totally un-PC language:

Regina used the R-word. Not a fan. Even though it something a teen might say realistically, it just makes it okay for everyone else to say it. Let’s stop using that word, shall we?

17. Cady’s awkward phrasing:

When Cady gets her first three-way call and asks Regina, “What are you saying about?” I cringe EVERY TIME. It’s so unnatural!

18. Aaron’s spineless return to Regina:

When Aaron takes Regina back! We don’t even get a story on why, all we know is that Regina kissed him at the Halloween party, but he didn’t seem to be OK with it. Next thing you know, they’re inseparable. Why would he take her back? Maybe an even better question, why DID he take her back?

20. The origin of the Santa dance:

Janice apparently choreographed the dance the Plastics did every year when they were all in third grade, but then the dance was super sexualized and not something her character would have come up with.
— Alyssa M Boxer, Facebook

21. Cady’s bathroom lunch:

Cady eating food in a bathroom stall is gross. And I would be more self conscious about someone judging me for bringing food into a bathroom than I would be to eat alone.
— Sara Heinemeyer, Facebook

22. The “jump the shark” ending:

Regina getting hit by the bus just didn’t flow with the movie and felt like a weird direction for the movie to go. It seemed like a lazy way of patching things up between Cady and Regina, not to mention, it was just completely ridiculous. There’s no way she would have survived that. I know it’s a movie, but come on.
— Allyson Heller, Facebook

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Ranking The Bald Heads From “The Fate Of The Furious”

8. Jason Statham

Universal Pictures

The Brit’s signature style is for sure sexy, but he might get a little more mileage from a closer shave.

7. Tyrese Gibson

Matt Kennedy / Universal Pictures

Tyrese brings a lot to the Fast films: humor, swagger, and that perfectly buffed scalp.

6. Michelle Rodriguez

BuzzFeed News; Matt Kennedy / Universal Pictures

It was an unexpected choice for Rodriguez to shave her head to match her on-screen beau’s, but we’re here for it.

5. Kurt Russell

BuzzFeed News; Matt Kennedy / Universal Pictures

The Hollywood legend proved a shaggy mane isn’t the only look he can easily pull off.

4. Charlize Theron

BuzzFeed News; Matt Kennedy / Universal Pictures

This is a way better choice than blonde dreads. Hypothetically.

3. Scott Eastwood

BuzzFeed News; Matt Kennedy / Universal Pictures

Now Scotty knows he can walk the razor’s edge.

2. The Rock

Matt Kennedy / Universal Pictures

Pretty sure The Rock could even make a mullet look sexy (although let’s not test that theory).

1. Vin Diesel

Matt Kennedy / Universal Pictures

The franchise’s original bald head is still its best.

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Here's How That Kendrick Lamar And U2 Song Happened

When you hang out with Jimmy Iovine for long enough, sooner or later you get to meet Bono.

At least that’s how Mike Will Made-It makes it sound. Speaking with BuzzFeed News on Thursday, the super-producer described how the U2 frontman might have ended up in Kendrick Lamar’s orbit and on “XXX,” one of the most talked-about songs from the hip-hop artist’s rapturously received new album DAMN.

Mike — who co-produced “XXX” along with DJ Dahi, Sounwave, Bekon, and Top Dawg — wasn’t in the room when Bono recorded his part for the song, but he said he has a good idea of how the collaboration went down. He’s personally met the mononymous rock star a few times over the years at the home of Iovine, the head of Apple Music and founder of Interscope Records, the label to which Mike, Lamar, and U2 are signed.

“I done had breakfast with Bono, I had had lunch with Bono, just like being around Jimmy,” said the producer, known for his prior work with Future, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry.

The first time Mike and Bono met, years ago, neither one initially recognized the other. “Of course I know U2, but I didn’t know who that was at the table with me eating,” Mike confessed, laughing. “Jimmy was like ‘You know who this is?’ I was like ‘Maaan, no disrespect, but no.’”

“Jimmy might have anybody around,” he explained. “He might have the owner of SoundCloud, or the owner of some other company, you know what I’m sayin’? … So I was like, ‘No, I don’t know which cool friend this is for you.’ And he said, ‘Yo this is the legendary Bono from U2,’ and I was like ‘OK, dope.’ And then he told Bono, ‘Yo, this is a hot producer’ … After that, we exchanged numbers, we exchanged emails, and we always said we wanted to work together.”

When he was working on the beat that became “XXX” on his own last year, Mike didn’t actually have any idea that his occasional lunch buddy would end up on the song — a hard-hitting, shapeshifting elegy about structural racism’s effects on black American life. He wasn’t totally surprised when Lamar called him with the news (“I’m sure he’s met Bono multiple times as well”) but he had a hard time conceiving of what the song might sound like initially (as did others). “I was really tryin’ to imagine, like, ‘How could U2 get on that track?’” he said. “Like the track was just so uptempo.”

To make it work, Lamar’s production team expanded on the template established by Mike’s original drums (heard in the song’s middle portion), adding transitions and some new instrumental sections, including the downbeat piano that accompanies Bono’s part.

When Mike heard the final product, he was delighted at the way everything clicked. “It was just ill to play a part in that. It was just ill to produce that record and actually go in with [Lamar] and do some creative shit,” he said. “With Bono, I hadn’t wanted to really blow him up or force it, because I wasn’t really sure how we could even work together. But with everybody adding their contributions to this song right here, it just came out dope as fuck man.”

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Don Cheadle and Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” Collaboration Was A Long Time Coming

On a seemingly calm Tuesday afternoon this week, Don Cheadle shared a video link on Twitter with three simple letters: “DNA.” Ordinarily, a video with that title could mean a myriad of things, but this was five days after Kendrick Lamar released his latest album DAMN. — a politically charged masterpiece in which Lamar uses his expert wordplay and signature storytelling to capture what it feels like to be black in Trump’s America, among other moral dilemmas. In one of DAMN’s gems, “DNA.,” Lamar feverishly celebrates and critiques his black heritage, while making it clear it’s for him to do and no one else. At one point on the Mike Will–produced track, he’s shouting he has royalty and loyalty inside his DNA as a sample of a Fox News commentator criticizing his song “Alright,” and rap music in general, plays in the background. The black rage juxtaposed against conservative political commentary sets the tone for who Lamar plans on speaking up for on the album.

The YouTube link revealed a music video for “DNA” starring Cheadle. In the video he plays a cop interrogating a handcuffed Lamar. “Two first names, huh, what the fuck is up with that?” he scoffs before sitting down to conduct the polygraph test. It’s at that moment that the scene takes a sci-fi turn: Cheadle’s character magically becomes possessed by Lamar and begins to spit the song’s ferocious lyrics as the beat drops. It’s the Oscar nominee like you’ve never seen him, performing Lamar’s lyrics head-to-head with the rapper himself. The only thing more shocking than the scene is the realization that one of the greatest rappers of our time had tapped one of the greatest actors of our time to not only star in his music video, but to be the person to release it (Lamar’s personal account retweeted Cheadle’s tweet announcing the video, but other than that, the rapper remained mum on the promotional front).

Some guessed that Lamar’s constant references to himself as “Kung Fu Kenny” on DAMN were the reason he decided to include the original Kung Fu Kenny in the video, but according to Cheadle, this collaboration was a long time coming. “Kendrick and I have been trying to figure out stuff to do together for years,” Cheadle told BuzzFeed News.

Cheadle said he had been talking to Dr. Dre about some musical projects he was working on and wanted to reach out to Lamar as well because he is a fan. “I told Dre I thought Kendrick could be a good actor and he was someone I’d like to talk to about doing some music stuff with, too, so he was like, ‘OK, I’ll give you his number,’ and we just stayed in touch after that.”

“Just listening to his ideas and his spirit as expressed through his music. All the skits in To Pimp a Butterfly and good kid, m.A.A.d city — he’s a storyteller and that’s really what all actors are.”

Cheadle revealed that he initially wanted Lamar to play Junior in his 2016 Miles Davis biopic, Miles Ahead. “He toyed around with the idea for a minute but he was recording To Pimp a Butterfly at the time and wasn’t ready to attempt to act,” said Cheadle. “He was also trying to focus on the epic album he created. It ultimately was a win for both of us because I got Lakeith Stanfield [to play Junior] — things happen for a reason.”

It may surprise Lamar’s fans to hear that Cheadle thought he would make a good actor, but the House of Lies star explained that the gut feeling came from the way Lamar’s mind worked. “Just listening to his ideas and his spirit as expressed through his music. All the skits in To Pimp a Butterfly and good kid, m.A.A.d city — he’s a storyteller and that’s really what all actors are, “ explained Cheadle. “Functioning storytellers, bringing different parts of a story together and understanding the role you play in a larger narrative, bigger scheme. He understood story, he is obviously very smart, and clearly insightful, and gets irony, and hypocrisy, and flaws, and is honest; those are all good things. And if you can pull all those things together you can be a good actor.”

“I mean, I could be wrong, though,” Cheadle added with a chuckle. “He felt at the time he wasn’t ready. I appreciated his honesty.”

Although Lamar wasn’t ready to make an acting attempt at the time, the pair kept in touch and grew a friendship from afar. “Out of the blue I’d get a text from him, like, ‘Hey, how you doing, big bro?’ and I’d be like, ‘Nothing, chillin’, doing this…’ Then a month later I’d hit him like, ‘What’s happening, fam?’ and he’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m on tour, I’m working on this …,’” Cheadle shared. “He’s incredibly curious, too — like he hit me one day because he was working on doing some portion of his life story, or doing one of the stories in the album as a movie or something, and he asked me, ‘How do you break down a story? How do you approach writing screenplay?’ so that became a long [phone] session.”

In one of those conversations, Lamar said, “Hey, I’m doing a video, you wanna be in it?” “Of course!” Cheadle said he responded. “Then I said, ‘Oh, by the way, what is it that you want me to do?’”

The actor was as shocked as everyone else when he heard Lamar wanted him to perform his song in the video. “He sent me a video of him doing [the scene] in his trailer, and then they sent me the lyrics, and I was like, ‘How much of this do you expect me to get? Because, um, you’re Kendrick Lamar.’” But he said Lamar assured him it would be dope.

“I got as much of it as I could down and then we sort of just started playing,” said Cheadle about the filming process. “All of that back-and-forth and trading bars stuff — that wasn’t planned. That was just in-the-moment kind of improv stuff.”

Like the album, the video packs some powerful imagery. After the opening scene, the video jumps back and forth between a lot of things but mainly focuses on the group of black men Lamar joins after leaving the jail. They cheer him on as he raps to the camera, “You mothafuckas can’t tell me nothin’ / I’d rather die than to listen to you / My DNA not for imitation.” The video ultimately ends with a shot of the gang of men all standing still until Lamar’s Top Dawg Entertainment label mate Schoolboy Q starts walking across the street toward the camera, flashing gang symbols before swinging at the camera. Whether the camera represents mainstream society, the media, white people, or another gang is unclear. The message could range from a warning to leave the black community alone to a reminder that we have our own internal beefs within the community to reconcile. Only Lamar and the video’s director, Nabil, know for sure.

While some things will always remain a mystery within Lamar’s art, what doesn’t is the fact that he continues to use it to give hip-hop the kind of music it deserves in the midst of police brutality and Trump’s administration, and how those two factors specifically affect black Americans.

Cheadle is one of many in awe of what he continues to bring to the table. “He’s the nonpareil,” Cheadle said of Lamar. “He is pushing himself to scary places for himself, which is when you really get great stuff. He’s done things musically that shouldn’t work; like “For Free” shouldn’t work on To Pimp a Butterfly — he shouldn’t be able to get a jazz combo and rap over it and actually have it be something that’s compelling and interesting and strong. And that to me is one of the many reasons he’s so great.”

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31 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The “Fast And The Furious” Franchise

Universal Pictures

1. Vin Diesel only agreed to make a cameo in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift if the studio would give his production company the rights to the character Riddick, a film he later made in 2013.

2. The studio agreed and Diesel appeared in The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift.

3. At one point, it was rumored that Eminem was considered for the role of Brian O’Conner.

Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images

4. A few days before Paul Walker’s passing, Diesel had a conversation with him about what would happen if Diesel passed away. He recalls telling Walker, “If I do die, let them know what kind of brother I’ve been to you.” Walker died just a few days later.

5. Diesel went on to say that his first day back on set after Walker’s death was “the toughest film I ever had to shoot.”

6. He also described going through three boxes of tissues and having to step away from set because his “nose was running and eyes were tearing. I had to walk off set and try to get all the fluids out. I couldn’t contain my emotions.”

7. Diesel went to see Walker’s family after his passing and he recalls Walker’s mother telling him she was sorry. She explained that even though she was his mother, Diesel was “his other half.”

8. When Diesel welcomed a baby girl in 2015 with Paloma Jiménez, he named her Pauline after Paul Walker.

Universal Pictures

9. In the original script for the first movie, Michelle Rodriguez’s character, Letty, was supposed to sleep with Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner. She disagreed with that storyline, and Diesel backed her up.

10. Prior to landing the role of Mia, Jordana Brewster had to get a driver’s license as she did not have one. She later recalled that she had to learn how to drive in New York City, and “it was not fun.”

11. Prior to filming the franchise, Diesel said he used to get speeding tickets in New York often. But after the movies were released he realized he needed to slow down, “I started playing the Dom Toretto role and I feel like if I’m caught one mile over the speed limit, there’s going to be a national holiday.”

12. Michelle Rodriguez recalls not being impressed with Paul Walker the first time she met him and referred to him as a “Kenny Barbie Doll.” She later said how wrong she was.

Universal Pictures

13. When Jordana Brewster, aka Mia, was asked where she thought Mia and Brian were today she said, “She’s with Brian, so I can’t think of a better place for her to be. I imagine they’re on some island, on some idyllic island, just living the life.”

14. Bow Wow learned some Japanese for a scene in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but it was cut from the film.

15. The idea for the original film The Fast and the Furious was actually inspired by a 1998 article in Vibe. The article told the story of NYC street racer Rafael Estevez.

Universal Pictures

16. Ja Rule could’ve continued playing Edwin in the sequel to The Fast and the Furious, but he turned down a $500,000 offer, and was replaced by Ludacris, who currently plays Tej Parker in the series.

17. There were two scripts for 2 Fast 2 Furious. One featured Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic Torretto, while the other was written without him, instead introducing new characters like Roman Pearce, played by Tyrese.

18. Michelle Rodriguez discovered that her character Letty was still alive in Fast Five the same way viewers did. She said, “They wanted to surprise me, I didn’t find out until I actually went to the theater and saw it myself.”

19. Director Justin Lin held a casting call for cars for Fast 8. The call was for drivers and their vehicles to serve as background extras.

20. The folks at Vulture did the math on the famous 13 minute runway scene in Fast and Furious 6 and it’s estimated that the runway would have to have been 28 miles long for that scene to work. The longest paved runway in the world is 3.4 miles long.

Universal Pictures

25. The Luke Hobbs character was originally written for Tommy Lee Jones, but obviously that didn’t happen as he’s played by Dwayne Johnson.

26. Diesel is way more involved in the films than you might think — he refers to himself as the “saga visionary.” He helps provide story structure, input on casting, and even helps select songs for the soundtracks.

27. Unlike her character Letty, Michelle Rodriguez drives a Prius in real life.

28. Ludacris had to convince the director to give him a fight scene in Furious 7. So he went as far as showing him a reel of himself working on something involving martial arts to prove that he was capable.

29. Over 300 cars were used in the making of Fate of the Furious.

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The Trailer For “The Beguiled” Will Leave You Shaken To Your Core

1. The latest trailer for Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled, which hits theaters June 23, dropped this week — and it looks intense.

2. The movie is set during the American Civil War and the trailer begins with a young boarding school girl stumbling upon John McBurney (Colin Farrell), an injured enemy soldier.

3. She calls for help and Martha Farnsworth (Nicole Kidman), along with more women from the boarding school, come to his aid.

4. While John is resting in their home, Martha tells him upfront that his presence is not welcome, but he assumes he’s going to get along swimmingly with the women.

6. Then, a romance between John and Edwina Dabney (Kirsten Dunst) begins…

9. The relatively short-lived dalliance comes to an end when Edwina finds John in bed with another woman, and that’s basically when all hell breaks loose.

10. The ladies serve John a slice of pie, made by Alicia (Elle Fanning). From the looks of it, the dessert doesn’t agree with him — but Martha looks pleased.

11. Then, we see several fast cuts of the women of the boarding school taking revenge on John and it’s full of suspense and thrills.

12. One thing’s for sure: Don’t mess with the ladies of this institution.

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We Need To Talk About The Soundtrack In “13 Reasons Why”

When it’s featured: Ep. 1 — Tony plays Clay a tape while giving him a ride home.
Why it’s significant: The haunting, stark track links us to the year 1979, an era when cassette tapes were booming. Frontman Ian Curtis committed suicide roughly a year after writing this song.

Ep. 2 — Hannah, Jessica and Alex have coffee at Monet’s.

Ep. 2 — Tony seems to be chasing Clay with his car.

When it’s featured: Ep. 5 — Clay and Hannah dance together for the first time.
Why it’s significant: The refrain “Haunted by the ghost of you” cuts like a knife when paired with the flashbacks of the school dance.

Ep. 3 — Hannah explains the Butterfly Effect.

Ep. 3 — Hannah and Clay talk about the moon.

When it’s featured: Ep. 3 — Alex falls (or jumps?) into the pool.
Why it’s significant: Originally written and performed by Neil Young during a time when he feared his music career was declining, the lyric “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” was famously quoted in Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.

Ep. 3 — Clay and Hannah watch the moon from the cinema’s rooftop.

Ep. 4 — Clay sneaks out.

When it’s featured: Ep. 5 — Clay breaks down in the shower.
Why it’s significant: The sweet, childlike lyrics are reminiscent of grade school and simpler times. It seems worth noting that the song borrows the line “Rock and roll is here to stay” from Neil Young’s “My My Hey Hey (Into The Black),” a cover of which is also featured on this soundtrack. The circumstances of Elliott Smith’s untimely death are still debated, but it’s widely accepted that he committed suicide.

Ep. 4 — Kids toilet paper the Baker home on Halloween.

Ep. 5 — Hannah and Courtney dance together.

Rick Diamond

When it’s featured: Ep. 1 — Clay thinks he sees Hannah in the crowded halls between classes. It’s the first time the memory of her seems to physically follow him.
Why it’s significant: The refrain “This mess was yours / now your mess is mine” tangles Clay and Hannah’s stories together.

Ep. 6 — Students fill out the Dollar Valentine questionnaire on Valentine’s Day.

Ep. 6 — Clay, Jessica, and Alex get advice from their parents.

When it’s featured: Ep. 1 — Hannah and Justin start texting.
Why it’s significant: The dreamlike vocals fit the flirty flashback scene perfectly.

Ep. 6 — Hannah cries in her bed.

Ep. 7 — Credits.

When it’s featured: Ep.1 — Clay and Hannah are getting along at the house party.
Why it’s significant: It’s an upbeat song for a rare upbeat scene. It stings in contrast to the much heavier and darker themes that run throughout the series.

Ep. 7 — Clay stands outside of school before the first bell, listening to a tape.

Ep. 13 — Clay, Tony, and Skye drive off in Tony’s car

When it’s featured: Ep. 1 — Justin shows his friends the photo of Hannah on the slide.
Why it’s significant: The opening lyric “Think back on what you did / how you’d punk all the new kids” seems to speak to Justin’s bullying directly.

Ep. 9 — Summer begins!

Ep. 9 — Hannah works at the movie theatre.

When it’s featured: Ep. 1 — Clay sees Hannah’s locker memorial.
Why it’s significant: The romantic lyrics tips us off that Hannah was more than just a classmate to Clay.

Ep. 11 — Credits.

Ep. 11 — Hannah imagines a happy future with Clay.

When it’s featured: Ep. 10 — Clay asks Tony for answers.
Why it’s significant: It’s a cover of a Joy Division song, the band Tony introduces Clay to in the first episode.

Ep. 12 — Hannah decides to talk to Mr. Porter.

Ep. 13 — Tape 13 ends.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

When it’s featured: Ep. 13 — Clay talks to Mr. Porter.
Why it’s significant: Selena Gomez is a producer of this show and an outspoken advocate for mental health issues.


This is by no means an exhaustive list! If you have a favorite song from the show that wasn’t featured on this list, add it in the comments!

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Surprise, Bitch! Keira Knightley Is Returning To “Pirates Of The Caribbean”

1. The last time we saw Elizabeth Swann was a decade ago (YES, it’s been that long) in the franchise’s third installment,
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Both Keira and Orlando were NOT in the last/fourth film, On Stranger Tides.

2. And while we knew Orlando Bloom would be reprising his role as Will Turner for the latest and fifth installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, it had only been a rumor that Keira MIGHT return, too.

In fact, she had straight up said she wouldn’t return to the franchise in the past.

3. But the new Japanese trailer just confirmed that, yeah, Elizabeth Swann will make an appearance in full corseted-gloriousness. And you can check out that brief AF shot here:

4. I have ZERO idea what’s happening in this clip, but it seems like a dream sequence?!

5. Which begs the question – what is Elizabeth’s fate in this film? Will is clearly going to be running around with their lovely spawn, Henry, but…will Pirates play ye olde Disney trope of the dead mother?

Or maybe Elizabeth decided to give up the pirate’s life and embrace colonial life?!

6. Guess we’ll find out soon. May 26 can’t get here soon enough!

7. And if you want to see the full Japenese trailer, check it out here:

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People Have Mixed Feelings About Netflix's Twitter Clapback To Hulu

3. They’re both major streaming services with millions of subscribers, so naturally, they’re competitors.

4. So, on Monday, Hulu tweeted this, throwin’ a lil shade at Netflix.

“Not on Netflix.”

5. Within an hour, Netflix replied with this tweet, and it went viral.

“Welcome to your tape.”

6. “Welcome to your tape” is a reference to the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. The main character, Hannah, who died by suicide, made a tape for each person she feels is responsible.

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