We Played Truth Or Dare Jenga With Seth Rogen, James Franco, And Paul Scheer And It Was Hilarious AF

Seth Rogen and James Franco have combined forces again, this time to tell the story of what’s been dubbed one of the worst movies ever made: The Room. Produced by Franco, The Disaster Artist stars himself as the ambitious, yet slightly misguided Tommy Wiseau and the real-life efforts that went into making what’s become one of the biggest cult classics of all time.

We pinned James against his Disaster Artist co-stars Seth Rogen and Paul Scheer in a game of Truth or Dare Jenga. They set out to beat the cast of Bad Moms, but did it just end in disaster instead?

Here's What The Cast Of “The Family Stone” Looks Like Now

After playing the adorable Brad Stevenson, Paul Schneider appeared in many films, including The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. He is best known for playing Mark Brendanawicz on Parks and Recreation. Unfortunately, he left after the second season and missed out on the show’s prime years. You can currently catch him in a handful of episodes of the Hulu original, Chance.

Kim Kardashian Revealed That She Didn't Invite Her Surrogate To Her Baby Shower And Here's Why

“It was a weird decision to have to make. Of course I would’ve wanted her to be there and be a part of it, but I hadn’t really gone that far and explaining to my kids yet. So, I have to figure that out first before they really see… I think I have to explain it to my kids first and figure out how I’m going to explain it to them.

Cardi B Has Unseated Taylor's Swift's “Look What You Made Me Do” On The Hot 100

Lauryn Hill was the last person to accomplish this with her hit “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” back in 1998, which was nearly 19 years ago. That’s not bad company to keep, especially considering Hill is a legend in the game. Cardi B’s ascent to No. 1 also makes her the fifth female rapper to ever reach the zenith of the Hot 100.

18 Photos Of Emilia Clarke And Kit Harington That Will Make You Say, “I Want That”

This photo did not ultimately make it into the spread, but photographer Peggy Sirota explained in her IG caption, “It was a small crew on that day, just a few of us out in the field. The chemistry between these four was huge, as you can see…I asked them to kiss. I suppose love was in the air, and I was just lucky enough to be there.”

The “Game Of Thrones” Team Is Making A Show About Slavery And People Have Some Feelings

Confederate will take place “in an alternative timeline,” according to HBO’s press release, in which the southern states have created a nation where “slavery … has evolved into a modern institution,” and the North and South are divided by “the Mason-Dixon Demilitarized Zone.”

Like Game of Thrones, the show will follow a large ensemble cast, including “freedom fighters, slave hunters, politicians, abolitionists, journalists, the executives of a slave-holding conglomerate and the families of people in their thrall,” as Confederate progresses to “the Third American Civil War.”

The show — written by Weiss and Benioff, and executive produced by Weiss, Benioff, Nichelle Tramble Spellman (Justified, The Good Wife), Malcolm Spellman (Empire), Carolyn Strauss (Game of Thrones), and Bernadette Caulfield (Game of Thrones, Big Love) — will begin production after the final season of Game of Thrones.

MTV’s “The Challenge” Taps The Best Of The Worst For Season 30

Amanda Garcia (Are You The One? Season 3)

Chris Ammon “Ammo” Hall (The Real World: Go Big or Go Home)

Aneesa Ferreira (The Real World: Chicago)

Ashley Mitchell (The Real World: Ex-plosion)

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (The Real World: Key West)

Britni Nicol (Are You The One? Season 3)

Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge)

Cara Maria Sorbello (The Challenge: Fresh Meat 2)

Cory Wharton (The Real World: Ex-plosion)

Chris “CT” Tamburello (The Real World: Paris)

Dario Medrano (Are You The One? Season 2)

Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)

Derrick Henry (Are You The One? Season 5)

Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-treme)

Devin Walker (Are You The One? Season 3)

Hunter Barfield (Are You The One? Season 3)

Jemmye Carroll (The Real World: New Orleans)

Jenna Compono (The Real World: Ex-plosion)

Jordan Wisely (The Real World: Portland)

Kailah Casillas (The Real World: Go Big or Go Home)

LaToya Jackson (The Real World: St. Thomas)

Leroy Garrett (The Real World: Las Vegas)

Maria Roda (The Real World: St. Thomas)

Nelson Thomas (Are You The One? Season 3)

Nicole Ramos (The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines)

Shane Raines (The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines)

Simone Kelly (Are You The One? Season 1)

Tony Raines (The Real World: Skeletons)

Tori Deal (Are You The One? Season 4)

Veronica Portillo (Road Rules: Semester at Sea)

Production Has Been Shut Down On “Bachelor In Paradise” Because Of A Reported Sexual Incident

Multiple outlets have reported that, as is customary on Bachelor in Paradise, the contestants were drinking heavily. A show source told People that “it appears as though conduct allegedly occurred without the proper consent having been given.”

A contestant also told People that two other cast members saw the interaction and “are upset that crew members did not do more to stop the incident.”

“Dear Evan Hansen” Came Out On Top At The Tonys

Dear Evan Hansen won big at the 2017 Tonys with six awards, including Best Musical, Best Actor for Ben Platt, Best Featured Actress for Rachel Bay Jones, and Best Score for Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

In terms of total awards, Hello, Dolly! came in second with four awards, including Best Actress for Bette Midler. On the play side, the awards were fairly evenly split: Oslo won Best Play and Best Featured Actor for Michael Aronov, but Indecent and The Little Foxes also picked up two awards each.

Unlike last year’s ceremony — where the unprecedented phenomenon that was Hamilton overshadowed the competition — the winners for this year’s Tonys were far more difficult to guess. Yes, there were some sure things: Platt and Midler were predicted months ago. But categories without clear frontrunners allowed for some well-earned suspense and made wins for Aronov and Indecent play director Rebecca Taichman all the more exciting.

Hamilton may have made the 2016 Tonys more predictable, but it also helped imbue the ceremony with a more racially diverse set of winners. All four musical acting awards last year — three from Hamilton and one from The Color Purplewent to black actors. But as Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda said, “I think our incredibly, amazingly diverse Tonys season that just ended was a fluke.”

And indeed, this year’s crop of acting winners was decidedly whiter, although August Wilson’s Jitney picked up a Tony for Best Revival of a Play.

You can see the full list of Tony Award winners here.