22 Songs For Everyone Who Loves Old School Joints

Date released: 1967

Throwback level: 🕰🕰🕰🕰🕰/5

Why it’s dope: Basically Jimmy Ruffin didn’t have to go that hard, but he did and for that, we will always thank him. This was peak soul music, and every other boy band has tried to compare (not even themselves, I know you know the Temptations history, we’ve all seen the biopic), but just could not measure up. Your grandfather probably played this when your grandmother was sick of his shit and really didn’t know what to do. Your mother took up the tradition for your pops, and now you listen to it not even understanding why you vibe with it so much. This is a blassic you play in the living room on Thanksgiving, and I know I’m being specific, but I’m absolutely right; fight me.