17 Facts That Will Change The Way You Listen To These Massive Songs

Sampling is when a portion or an element of an existing piece of music is used as part of another piece. Some of the biggest tracks you know borrow from more obscure songs from decades ago.

Sampling can be an art form in itself, when it’s subtle and blends seamlessly with new elements. Here are some songs you know, and their origins that you probably didn’t know. So now you have two great songs.

You’re welcome.

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“I had to put myself in that place…you know, what came first was I liked it. I was happy about it. And, I didn’t like it because I thought I had done something that was gonna make everyone talk about me. That’s not why I liked it. I liked it because I was, like, ‘Oh! I just came out of a giant bear and ain’t nobody doin’ that. I came out with all my friends and we fucking had a great time.'”

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About Take Two: Describing their style as a mix of rap, pop, radio-friendly hits, and original music, brother-duo Take Two work as tradies but are ready to make music their full-time passion.

Fun fact: The twins are self-confessed pranksters, but aren’t looking to cause any conflict in the house. “The only people we’d clash with would be each other!” they said. They also both love to cook.