Everything You Need To Know About Watching The Grammy Awards In 2018

Song of the Year:

• “Despacito,” Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber

• “4:44,” JAY-Z

• “Issues,” Julia Michaels

• “1-800-273-8255,” Logic Featuring Alessia Cara & Khalid

• “That’s What I Like,” Bruno Mars

Album Of The Year:

• “Awaken, My Love!” Childish Gambino

4:44, JAY-Z

DAMN., Kendrick Lamar

Melodrama, Lorde

24K Magic, Bruno Mars

Record of the Year:

• “Redbone,” Childish Gambino

• “Despacito,” Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber

• “The Story Of O.J.,” JAY-Z

• “HUMBLE.,” Kendrick Lamar

• “24K Magic,” Bruno Mars

Best Pop Solo Performance:

• “Love So Soft,” Kelly Clarkson

• “Praying,” Kesha

• “Million Reasons,” Lady Gaga

• “What About Us,” P!nk

• “Shape Of You,” Ed Sheeran

Best R&B Performance:

• “Get You,” Daniel Caesar Featuring Kali Uchis

• “Distraction,” Kehlani

• “High,” Ledisi

• “That’s What I Like,” Bruno Mars

• “The Weekend,” SZA

Best Rap Performance:

• “Bounce Back,” Big Sean

• “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B

• “4:44,” JAY-Z

• “HUMBLE.,” Kendrick Lamar

• “Bad And Boujee,” Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert

Best Rock Performance:

• “You Want It Darker,” Leonard Cohen

• “The Promise,” Chris Cornell

• “Run,” Foo Fighters

• “No Good,” Kaleo

• “Go To War,” Nothing More

Best Alternative Music Album:

Everything Now, Arcade Fire

Humanz, Gorillaz

American Dream, LCD Soundsystem

Pure Comedy, Father John Misty

Sleep Well Beast, The National

Best Country Album:

Cosmic Hallelujah, Kenny Chesney

Heart Break, Lady Antebellum

The Breaker, Little Big Town

Life Changes, Thomas Rhett

From A Room: Volume 1, Chris Stapleton

To see the full list of nominees, click here.

Poll: Would You Listen To Audiobooks On Vinyl?

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Would you listen to an audiobook on vinyl?

  1. vote

    Sure, why not? It seems kind of cool.

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    Definitely, I might even want to collect them.

  3. vote

    No thanks, that defeats the purpose of audiobooks.

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    Nah, that would be really inconvenient for me.

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    Unsure / I have a different opinion that I’ll explain in the comments below.

People Are Mad At Offset For Rapping He “Cannot Vibe With Queers”

In the caption, he wrote, “When I wrote that I was thinking of words that could rhyme with the others (here, lear, solitaire, bear) and I saw this definition about her having a queer feeling she was being watched and it fit what I was thinking about a stalker creepy paparazzi situation.”

He closed with “I M S O R R Y I A P O L O G I Z E I’m offended I offended anybody.” It appears that he disabled comments for the post.

He also wrote a statement on his Instagram story:

He wrote:

I apologize to anybody I offended by the word ‘queer’ I was not referring to sexuality I was referring to my reality of not hanging around that wanna post me and stalk me sorry it was taken as the wrong content only God can judge I don’t.” He also said he often works with gay people.

A lot of people on Twitter weren’t pleased with the lyrics or the apology, but many also blasted what they said was an overreaction on social media.

This isn’t the first time Offset’s homophobic remarks have caused outrage.

In a February interview with Rolling Stone, he said that rapper iLoveMakonnen received support for coming out because “the world is fucked up.” Fellow Migos member Takeoff also said of support for Makonnen, “That’s not right.” They later apologized.

Build A Hype Workout Playlist And We'll Guess The Last Time You Went To The Gym

You got: You’re literally at the gym now

You are at the gym 24/7! You work hard, you play hard, and you never stop! You are determined and motivated because, hey, you’ve got the same amount of time in the day that Beyoncé does!

You're literally at the gym now

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You got: You went to the gym yesterday

You make sure to hit the gym every single day! You like structure and routine in your life, and your daily work out is an important part of that.

You went to the gym yesterday
Getty Images

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You got: You went last week

You don’t go to the gym all the time, but when you do you got HARD! You value freedom and spontaneity in your life, which is why you never schedule a workout. They happen when they happen!

You went last weekTap to play GIF
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You got: You workout at home

You are an incredibly busy person who likes doing things yourself. You’re always juggling a dozen different things in your life, which is why you like to workout from the comfort of your own home!

You workout at home
Comedy Central

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You got: The whole world is your gym!

You are always moving, and so are your workouts. While others might see scaffolding, you see a pop-up gym! You do pull-ups wherever, and will frequently crank out a few sit-ups just because you feel like it!

The whole world is your gym!Tap to play GIF
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You got: You don’t go to the gym because the gym is overrated

Honestly, who needs the gym? It’s expensive, and it’s crowded, and frankly, it smells weird. You don’t buy the hype. You’re perfectly happy staying in with friends and going on the occasional run when you feel like it!

You don't go to the gym because the gym is overrated
Mutant Enemy Productions

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Which Beyonce Lyric Are You?

You got: ‘acting up, drink in my cup’

You are always down for a good time! You’re probably the person your friends consult before trying out a new bar or hitting up a nightclub. Why? Because you’ve already been there three times this month, of course! You are the life of the party, the center of attention on every dance floor, and probably the bartender’s favorite patron of the night. Your carefree, fun-loving personality ensures that everyone around you is always having a great time. So show up, show out, and get the party started!

yoncehaunted / Tumblr.com

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You got: ‘I don’t wanna lose my pride/but I’ma fuck me up a bitch’

Everyone from Paris to New Mexico knows they shouldn’t come for you! Why? Because you are simply not The One. You are strong, self-assured, and you don’t take shit from anyone. That being said, you always keep things classy, and it’s this duality that draws immediate respect from those around you. Just like the Queen Bee herself, you are classy and sophisticated, but if and when the time comes, you aren’t afraid to sting!

Sony Music / Sony Music Canada

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You got: ‘I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress’

In short: you are a style icon. You keep up with all the latest trends, but you prefer to follow your own. You probably have a bajillion Instagram followers obsessively liking your OOTD posts as we speak. The phrase “Where did you get your outfit?” has become so deeply embedded in your subconscious that it’s probably just white noise at this point. Just like Mrs. Carter herself, you are a wizard when it comes to fashion, and we’re all obsessed with you for it!

Giphy / Giphy.com

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You got: ‘you got me sprung and I don’t care who sees’

You love being in love! You are a true-blue, old-school romantic – like, a flowers-and-chocolates, rose-petals-on-the-bed kind of romantic. You’re selfless, kind, and caring, and you give your all to your partner and hold nothing back. This makes you a master at relationships. You show us all up and remind us we need to step up our Romance Game. We could learn a thing or two from you!

fuckyeahanimatedgif / Tumblr.com

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You got: ‘I woke up like this’

In essence: you look good. Whether it’s your badass wardrobe, your masterfully-beat face, or just your natural, God-given hotness, you always look like you just stepped off of a runway. Sure, occasionally you may run into the odd, envious hater, but you’re too busy dealing with legions of swooning admirers to acknowledge them!

perfectlylalahuman / Tumblr.com

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You got: ‘I work my 9 to 5 and I cut my check’

You never lose sight of your goals. You work hard, and keep focused even when obstacles stand in the way of your success. A true perfectionist, you are the type of person to stay late at the office, or pull an all-nighter tidying up a project. But your steadfast efforts always pay off in the end! Work hard, play hard – you’ve earned it!

akaashvaani / Tumblr.com

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18 Pop Artists You'll Stan In 2018 (If You Don't Already)

Sounds like: The kind of clean, geometric, primary-colored music that plays in Forever 21. But cool.

Song to listen to first: “MICHUUL.”

Stand-out lyric: “I just wanna art school chick / That really like foreign flicks / I just wanna (I just) / Boyfriend jeans and Vans for the kicks, that’s still dumb thick.”

Why you’ll stan: The multitalented singer, rapper, and graphic designer finds his inspiration throughout different artforms and defines his style as “sporty cultural.”

78 People Worth Using A Port A Potty Over

1. First and foremost, Celine Díon

2. Ashlee Simpson singing JUST her Autobiography album but also “Boyfriend” and “L.O.V.E.”

3. Tiffany “New York” Pollard cackling on stage for 30 minutes

4. The God Warrior holding a silent disco

5. Hoku

6. Vitamin C singing only “Graduation (Friends Forever)” but then coming out for a surprise “Smile” encore

7. Donna Lewis of “I Love You Always Forever” fame

8. Savage Garden performing the hits

9. The Cardigans only performing “Love Fool”

10. Meredith Brooks singing “Bitch”

11. Paula Cole singing the Dawson’s Creek theme song followed by an impromptu “Dawson’s Creek” reunion and an encore of “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?”

12. OMC

13. Sixpence None The Richer holding a “Kiss Me” sing-a-long with like 50,000 people

14. Speaking of Sixpence None The Richer, we would have a “songs you hear in your divorced aunt’s mini van stage,” this will include:

15. Michelle Branch

16. Vanessa Carlton

17. Ryan Cabrera

18. Natasha Bedingfield

19. That other singer thats like Natasha Bedingfield but isn’t: Colbie Callait

20. And of course, Matchbox Twenty

21. Kim Zolciak

22. The Countess Luann

23. Obviously, Erika Jane

24. And I guess Melissa Gorga because “On Display” was kind of a bop

25. Tyra Banks singing “Shake Ya Body” while contestants from season two of ANTM walk up and down the runway

26. Jade from ANTM recreating her iconic Cover Girl commercial

27. Just this scene from Love Actually playing over and over and over again

28. Dido singing just the hits

29. A reunion between NSYNC and Gloria Estefan

30. 5ive

31. Soul Decision

32. And back together for one night only, BBMak

33. Rupaul giving advice

34. 100,000 people chanting the “Baby Bottle Pop” jingle

35. Eden’s Crush

36. Dream

37. 3LW

38. Just the ginger lady from Sister Act

39. OK I guess Sister Alma too

40. And Whoopi

41. Gina G

42. Real McCoy

43. Stereo MC’s

44. Robin S

45. Black Box

46. Technotronic

47. C & C Music Factory

48. And a La Bouche cover band because RIP La Bouche

49. A recreation of the prom scene from “She’s All That” where a bunch of people randomly know the choreo to “Rockefellar Skank.”

50. The Zack Attack

51. JC Chasez singing “Blowin’ Me Up With Your Love”

52. Christina Aguilera just doing the spoken intro from Stripped, the album

53. An orchestra playing the soundtrack to Titanic

54. An orchestra doing their own interpretation of the Pure Moods soundtrack complete with random chanters

55. B*Witched

56. Ja Rule & Ashanti

57. Then Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez

58. The Coors

59. Las Ketchup

60. A hologram of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

61. Asher Roth ironically singing “I Love College”

62. Mya talking about where she’s been for the past 20 years

63. Someone yelling “skinny!” at Lady Gaga

64. 2006 Nelly Furtado

65. 2007 Fergie

66. 1997 Natalie Imbruglia

67. S Club 7

68. The Babadook

69. A full and proper reunion of Danity Kane

70. The guy who sings the “Family Matters” theme song

71. The God Warrior taking a break from her silent disco hosting duties and berating the crowd for 20 minutes

72. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie doing literally anything on stage

73. Angelina from Jersey Shore singing “I’m Hot”

74. Tan Mom

75. Samantha Mumba

76. Shwayze, I guess

77. Ruth Bader Ginsberg just standing there

78. And this woman talking about all the Chilis being closed