29 TV Show Couples People Loved, But Ultimately Grew To Hate

“The first time I watched Friends, I was so happy that Rachel chose to stay with Ross. They were one of my favorite couples on the show. When I watched the show for a second time, I realized how horrible Ross was to Rachel. He cheated on her because ‘they were on a break,’ and when she found out, he basically begged her to stay with him. And then at the end of the show, Ross literally told Rachel to pick him over her dream job in Paris. If I were Rachel, I would’ve stayed on that plane.”


This Is What Went Into Creating Deadpool's…You Know What

When director David Leitch first read the script for Deadpool 2, he was immediately struck by a crucial scene that fell about halfway through the movie, featuring seven pages of dialogue and almost every major character, and laying out critical plot points for the film’s third act, as well as the heavy emotional stakes for Ryan Reynolds’ titular wisecracking mercenary. (Warning: SPOILERS for the film start here.)

There’s one other element, however, that made the scene particularly formidable: After being ripped in half in the preceding action sequence, Deadpool’s legs — regenerating thanks to his mutant healing powers — are less than half their normal size. And he isn’t wearing pants. Or underwear.

“When I looked at it on the page, it’s, like, ‘How are we going to make this happen?‘” Leitch told BuzzFeed News.

The answer turned out to be: very, very carefully.

The first step to pulling off the scene was figuring out just how to render Deadpool’s growing legs. “We did do a range of tests [for] what state these legs should be in,” visual effects supervisor Dan Glass told BuzzFeed News. The sequence was a callback to the first Deadpool movie, when the character has to grow back his hand after ripping it off: In that film, the fledgling appendage looks like it belongs to a newborn baby. But making Deadpool’s legs look that young “just ended up becoming really quite gross and off-putting,” said Glass.

The team also tried out less realistic options. “I mean, he’s a superhero who’s healing, and there are no rules about how these things come back,” said Leitch. “They could grow back in different stages. They could be really skinny with big feet on the end.”

In the end, the filmmakers decided to go with a more realistic approach, and use the legs of the five-year-old son of one of the visual effects artists as their model. “There’s already a slightly controversial aspect to showing a child’s lower-section in that way,” Glass said, haltingly. “So we definitely wanted to keep it on the more fun and cute side than anything that was too gross.”

Reynolds — who co-wrote Deadpool 2 with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick — also felt quite particular about how his character would use his legs to escalate the discomfort of the other people in the scene. To have more control over that part of the performance, he wore special motion-capture pants that the visual effects team then used as a reference for how Deadpool’s kid-like legs would move.

“Especially the Basic Instinct moment,” said Glass. “[Ryan] wanted to effectively perform that.”

Ah yes, for one brief, cannot-unsee-this-ever moment, Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) manspreads just enough that everyone, including the audience, gets a glimpse at his character’s nascent penis. Leitch insisted that his team was perfectly fine with making that moment a reality. Talking about it, however, was a different story.

“We always approached it, like, this man is growing these appendages back, and, you know, everything else has to grow back, too,” said the director. “None of us were really daunted by potentially showing it in the sense that it’s Wade’s… Wade’s, um… Wade’s material down there.”

Glass, by contrast, did own up to “some very strange, funny, slightly awkward conversations” about how best to bring Deadpool’s penis to life, first among them the decision that at this moment in the film, the character would quite literally be a grower and not a shower.

“There was never a sense that [the penis] should be more kind of fully grown, if you know what I mean?” said Glass. “We were very careful about how much we ever show. It was always the idea that there’d be a hint of something that you’d briefly catch, in order to get the right amount of ‘Ohhhh!’ reaction from people.”

Glass has worked on many films — Jupiter Ascending, Cloud Atlas, The Tree of Life, The Matrix Reloaded — boasting unconventional visual effects. So how does Deadpool’s Donald Duck moment compare?

“This is definitely up there in terms of the creative and technical requests that have been made of me in my career,” he said with a laugh. “The job is never boring.”

Brandon Flynn Compared Bryce From “13 Reasons Why” To Harvey Weinstein And Donald Trump

VALLEJO, California — 13 Reasons Why star Brandon Flynn says the lack of justice meted out to the show’s rapist character “shows what’s really happening” in society when it comes to sexual assault.

Flynn, the 24-year-old actor who portrays Justin Foley on the Netflix show, the second season of which was released Friday, compared Bryce Walker (played by Justin Prentice) to Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump.

“As much as we’d all like to see Bryce get what Harvey Weinstein got, or didn’t get, we have these situations right now that are so loud and clear,” Flynn told BuzzFeed News during a set visit in November.

“Bryce is more of the Trump in our show. He’s the guy who clearly has all these fucking allegations against him, all these disgusting qualities, and no one’s saying a goddamn word about it.”

At least 70 women have accused Weinstein of sexual assault or harassment, while at least 16 women have made similar accusations against Trump. (Weinstein has admitted to inappropriate behavior but denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex; Trump has denied all the allegations against him).

Season 2 of the Netflix series addresses the fallout of Bryce’s confession that he raped Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), an act that led her to kill herself, as well as the realization of Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) that Bryce raped her at a different party.

When Justin testifies during the Baker family’s negligence lawsuit against Liberty High School that Bryce raped Jessica, the students fail to see any justice from the court.

Justin subsequently distances himself from Bryce, realizing their friendship is not mutually beneficial and was more about Bryce’s “ownership” over Justin. This means Justin is finally able to break free from “bro culture,” as the actor described it, and try to do right by Hannah, Jessica, and Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette).

When Jessica and Justin report her assault to the police (Justin as a witness), it opens up a separate court case against Bryce, who gets arrested for sexual assault. However, he is sentenced to only three months of probation, even after Jessica delivers a powerful closing argument directed right at her rapist.

Justin is also arrested, for being an accessory to the sexual assault. He serves a little over one month in a juvenile detention center.

Flynn said the lenient sentences mirror some lenient, real-world punishments administered out to young men convicted of sexual assault.

“We’re not trying to give fans what they want,” Flynn said, noting that most of the 13 Reasons Why fandom want to see Bryce suffer the harshest of consequences for raping Hannah and Jessica. “I think we are doing a really good job of not catering to that and just catering to the truth.”

Sexual assault and rape culture were major components of the show’s first season, but the topic felt all the more relevant to Flynn toward the end of filming the second season. At the height of the #MeToo movement, Flynn said he would come to set each day after reading about yet another accusation against a famous man.

“I sit there every night and go, How are we as a society letting all this happen? How are we not doing anything about it?” Flynn said. “It’s sometimes hard for me to get up and come here when I’m just like, The world is on fire.”

Flynn said exploring these dark topics on a television show is “a really good thing” because it helps raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault.

The actor said he hopes that seeing the aftermath of Hannah and Jessica’s assaults helps viewers realize “that’s happening next door, that’s happening in our White House, it’s happening everywhere.”

“Even with the Harvey Weinsteins and Kevin Spaceys, they’re going off to some retreat and getting treatment for their problem and we are continuing to let these things happen,” Flynn said. “I think on our show, we are continuing to let it happen, which is very important to me because it shows what’s really happening. It shows the truth of it all.”