27 Badass Female Superheroes You’ll Love If You're Obsessed With Wonder Woman

Historically a member of The Avengers, Scarlet Witch has the incredible ability to alter and manipulate reality. She is often seen fighting alongside her twin brother, Quicksilver, as well as Vision, who she often has a romantic relationship with. You can see Scarlet Witch in numerous Marvel films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

WATCH LIVE: The Golden Globes Nominees Are Being Announced

Hollywood’s awards season is officially commencing on Monday as the Golden Globes nominees get announced at 8 a.m. ET (5 a.m. PT).

We have a livestream right here to see just who will be nominated for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical or Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie, and all the other categories that are mouthfuls.

How many women from Big Little Lies can they fit in one category? Will Get Out win Best Comedy? Is Get Out a comedy? Who knows? All we know is that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will do anything to get Meryl Streep there and that we will post a full list of nominees right here when the ceremony concludes.

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15 Random, Weirdly Fascinating Facts About Our Netflix-Watching Habits

1. The most popular day globally for binge-watching was January 1, 2017. In the United States, it was January 2.

2. Mexico is the country with the most members watching Netflix every single day.

3. The United States is ranked fourth globally for most members to watch Netflix every single day, behind Mexico, Canada, and Peru.

4. Members watched an average of 60 movies on Netflix this year. (That’s at least one movie per week.)

5. Cumulatively, Netflix subscribers across the world watched 140 million hours of programming a day, which amounts to at about 1 billion hours per week.

6. The highest global re-watch record was set by an American who streamed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 365 times in 2017.

7. A viewer in Antarctica watched a whole season of Shameless in less than 24 hours.

8. Globally, the “most devoured” show was American Vandal, followed by 3%, and 13 Reasons Why came in third place.

9. In the US, the “most devoured” show (watched more than two hours per day) was also American Vandal, followed by Suburra: Blood on Rome, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

10. Globally, the “most savored” show (watched less than two hours per day) was The Crown, followed by Big Mouth, and Neo Yokio.

11. In the US, the “most savored” show was also The Crown, followed by Neo Yokio, and finally, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

12. Globally, the top “shows that got us cheating” (aka shows people watched ahead of significant others) were Narcos, 13 Reasons Why, and Stranger Things.

13. In the US, the top “shows that got us cheating” were Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Narcos.

14. And the top “shows that brought us together” (shows that families watched together most) were Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

15. In the US, Stranger Things also topped the “shows that brought us together.” Second place went to A Series of Unfortunate Events, and third place to 13 Reasons Why.

You'll Only Ace This “Titanic” Trivia Quiz If You Owned The Two-Box Set



It’s 1500, 20, and 6!

“1500 people went into the sea when Titanic sank from under us. There were 20 boats floating nearby, and only one came back. One. Six were saved from the water. Six. Out of 1500. Afterward, the 700 people in the boats had nothing to do but wait. Wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution that would never come.”