It's Just Getting Worse For “Megyn Kelly Today”

The trouble for Megyn Kelly Today and NBC News is getting worse.

From the start, Megyn Kelly Today‘s Nielsen ratings have been down compared to the third hour of Today, which was cohosted by Al Roker and Tamron Hall last fall. Despite a huge marketing push for Megyn Kelly Today, the show was down 12% in total viewers in Week 1 (2.9 million for Roker and Hall versus 2.5 million for Kelly), 24% in Week 2 (2.9 million versus 2.2 million), and 23% in Week 3 (2.9 million versus 2.3 million). Worse are Kelly’s ratings in the key demographic for news, adults 25 to 54: Week 1, down 25%; Week 2, down 38%; Week 3, down 33%. (Oct. 9 was Columbus Day, during which daytime shows traditionally get a bump, and Kelly drew a .8 in the 25-to-54 demo that day, tying her highest rating since the show’s premiere. For the rest of the week, she drew .5s and .6s.)

The ultimate aim of Megyn Kelly Today was to challenge Live With Kelly and Ryan, which is syndicated by ABC, but the contest is not even close. In Megyn Kelly Today‘s first week, Live beat it by 14% among viewers and 17% in the 25-to-54 demographic. In the second week, the gap widened, with Live besting Megyn Kelly Today by 34% among viewers and 60% in the demo. (Syndicated shows have a one-week lag in delivering ratings, so Week 3 comparisons are not yet available.)

Beating Live was the dream. Now that NBC News is in a waking nightmare surely the goal must be to not destroy Today’s popular wine-soaked fourth hour with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. (NBCUniversal is an investor in BuzzFeed.) And while it’s not total carnage in the ratings yet, the weaker lead-in from Megyn Kelly Today is certainly affecting Kathie Lee and Hoda: It’s down both in total viewers and among 25- to 54-year-olds compared to the same weeks last year. In last year’s demo ratings, Today‘s third hour (with Roker and Hall) drew a .8 in the first two weeks of the season and a .9 in the third week, handing a strong lead-in to Kathie Lee and Hoda. Megyn Kelly Today has drawn a .6, .5, and .6 during the same weeks, which leaves Today at 10 a.m. struggling to hold on: The results are double-digit declines when compared to the start of the 2016 season.

Any further erosion for Kathie Lee and Hoda will surely cause Megyn Kelly Today‘s crisis moment, whether that means a cohost for Kelly, flipping the order of the shows, or some other attempt to fix this $18 million mess.

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An Executive Producer On “The Mist” Says Bob Weinstein Sexually Harassed Her

Amanda Segel, an executive producer on the Spike series The Mist, told Variety that Bob Weinstein sexually harassed her during the time she worked on the show, which was produced by The Weinstein Company.

Segel told Variety that during a dinner with Weinstein at Dan Tana’s in LA in summer 2016, Weinstein asked her “highly intimate questions and made romantic overtures.” According to Segel, he asked how old she was “because he told her he didn’t want to date anyone younger than his daughter.” Segel also said Weinstein told her “he was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel because his daughter was staying at his home in Los Angeles.”

At the end of the night, Segel said he invited her to his hotel room and she declined. After that, Segel told Variety she declined additional invitations from Weinstein for about three months until her lawyer told The Weinstein Company executives she’d leave The Mist if Weinstein’s overtures didn’t cease. “‘No’ should be enough,” Segel told Variety. “After ‘no,’ anybody who has asked you out should just move on. Bob kept referring to me that he wanted to have a friendship. He didn’t want a friendship. He wanted more than that. My hope is that ‘no’ is enough from now on.”

Weinstein’s representative denied Segel’s claims to Variety, releasing the following statement: “Bob Weinstein had dinner with Ms. Segel in LA in June 2016. He denies any claims that he behaved inappropriately at or after the dinner. It is most unfortunate that any such claim has been made.” A representative for The Weinstein Company denied to Variety that Segel’s lawyer contacted the company.

This allegation comes less than two weeks after a pair of explosive articles in the New York Times and The New Yorker reported that Weinstein’s brother and Weinstein Company cofounder, Harvey, has been harassing and assaulting women for decades. As a result of more than 43 women coming forward to share their stories, Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Company and he may face criminal charges.

While many have accused Bob Weinstein of covering up his brother’s crimes, he has denied that he knew about Harvey’s actions, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “No F-in’ way was I aware that that was the type of predator that he was. And the way he convinced people to do things? I thought they were all consensual situations. I’ll tell you what I did know. Harvey was a bully, Harvey was arrogant, he treated people like shit all the time. That I knew. And I had to clean up for so many of his employee messes. People that came in crying to my office: ‘Your brother said this, that and the other.’; And I’d feel sick about it.”

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a representative for The Weinstein Company for further information.

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Harvey Weinstein Has Been Expelled From The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

As allegations of sexual harassment and assault continue to mount against Harvey Weinstein, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided Saturday to expel the controversial producer as a member.

In a statement released to the public, the Academy Board of Governors said:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors met today to discuss the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, and has voted well in excess of the required two-thirds majority to immediately expel him from the Academy.

We do so not simply to separate ourselves from someone who does not merit the respect of his colleagues but also to send a message that the era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over.

What’s at issue here is a deeply troubling problem that has no place in our society. The Board continues to work to establish ethical standards of conduct that all Academy members will be expected to exemplify.

The Academy arrived at their decision after the Board of Governors convened an emergency meeting to discuss the longtime Hollywood producer, who has been accused of sexual harassment and multiple instances of rape by more than 30 women, including actors Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Laura Dern, Kimberly Peirce, and Michael Mann are all on the Academy’s Board of Governors, of which only Hanks and Goldberg have added their voices to the backlash against Weinstein.

Many people, including CBS Films president Terry Press, called on the Academy to boot Weinstein from the institution.

Weinstein’s brother and business parter, Bob, also urged the Academy to expel him. “I am gonna write a note to them saying he definitely should be kicked out of the Academy,” he told the Hollywood Reporter, calling his brother “sick and depraved.”

The 90-year-old organization previously denounced Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct and abuses, calling them “repugnant, abhorrent, and antithetical to the high standards of the Academy and the creative community it represents,” although it has notably never commented on the sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski, who are still among its membership.

“The Academy has suspended membership in the past,” a spokesperson for the organization told BuzzFeed News, without further explanation. It’s unclear whose membership has been rescinded and the circumstances that prompted expulsion. (Last year the Academy introduced a series of changes that relegated inactive members to “emeritus status,” which stripped them of the right to vote for awards like the Oscars. Though the move was to help diversify its voting body and, ultimately, future Oscar nominations, many long-time members objected to the move.)

In the days after the New York Times and the New Yorker published exposés on the now disgraced producer, Weinstein has since been fired from the Weinstein Company, which he co-founded with his brother, Bob Weinstein. His wife, Georgina Chapman, also announced her plan to leave him. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced that it would revoke Weinstein’s membership. The University of Southern California rejected a $5 million endowment from the Hollywood exec. Meanwhile, scores of celebrities, from Kate Winslet to Lin-Manuel Miranda, continue to condemn him for his alleged crimes.