We Had Lupita Nyong'o Play With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And It'll Make Your Heart Melt

In less than five years since her feature film debut in 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong’o has snatched an Oscar, forayed into Broadway, and starred in a slew of blockbuster hits. Now, with Black Panther setting up to be one of the biggest superhero films of all time, Lupita is gearing up to introduce audiences to her latest character Nakia, a “war dog” and spy in Marvel’s fictional African nation, Wakanda.

But before you head to the theater to see Lupita’s ass-kicking debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we sat down with the actor to ask her your most burning questions with the help of a few furry friends. Here’s what happened.

Lupita Nyong'o Just Explained Why She Cut Off All Her Relaxed Hair As A Teen And We Feel Seen AF

“Even in Kenya — you’d think we are predominantly African and black out there —

but when I finally had my hair natural, the hairstylist that I had been going to for so long with my relaxed hair didn’t know what to do with my natural hair and just kept offering me different chemicals to put in it,” Lupita said. “In the end I was like, ‘Why don’t you know?’ And he was like, ‘We don’t learn how to do natural hair in school.’ Now, of course, things have really changed.”