Jenny Slate Might Be Dating Jon Hamm And Her Life Really Is A Dream Come True

“I don’t mind talking about him at all. He’s a lovely person,” she told New York Magazine in March. “I don’t know. It feels like such a huge thing. Last year was a giant, big year for my heart. I’ve never, ever thought to keep anything private because that’s not really what I’m like, and now I’m learning those things, and they’re weird, kind of demented lessons to learn.”

People Are Sharing Which Celebs They Met Who Are Actually Nice And It's Pretty Surprising


Matthew McConaughey:

“I was a TSA employee. Genuinely nice, we had a great chat for about 15 minutes. After he was set, we shook hands, and he had his kids all thank me individually and shake my hand as well.” — tst3c


John Cena:

“John Cena was really cool when I met him at a mall thing. Stayed for eight hours to meet all the people lined up to see him.” — SpurlieBird


Taylor Swift:

“I wasn’t even a fan until I met her. I went to a concert with my friend, who is a super fan, We got picked for the T-Party, which is like a backstage party after the show. She came around to everyone there and spent a few minutes talking with each person. You can tell she genuinely cares about her fans.” — princessblowhole


Sarah Jessica Parker:

“Ran into her in a deli in NYC. My work partner and I were in uniform on break. We are city workers. She started a conversation with us. Even signed stuff for us. I’ve met quite a few celebs in NYC. She was by far the nicest. — Ant95ny


Mike Tyson:

“Through a strange series of events, my dad became friends with Mike Tyson for a few months. This was fairly recent. He came to our house a few times, and we got to go to his house once. I would describe him as humble, funny, and genuinely nice. He never wanted to talk about his own boxing career.” —WenttoMikeTysonsHous


The Rock:

“My cousin took his son to a WWE event for his birthday and then fishing the next day along the river. While they were fishing, The Rock appeared out of nowhere, ready to go fishing with his cousin. The four of them spent the entire day together, the Rock bought them lunch, hung out. It was an epic experience especially for my cousin’s son who just turned 12.” — Earimo


Steven Tyler

“I walked by this linen clothing store that was blasting music at around 10 p.m., and he was the only one inside, dancing and talking to the employees. He came outside to sign an autograph for two girls and as he turned to go back in we made eye contact. All I could think to say was ‘Y-y-you’re Steven Tyler!’ and he just replies ‘Fuck yeah I am!’ I asked him for a picture and he said ‘Hell yeah,’ and pulled my friends and I close and snapped one.” — Lucan8ter


Bill Murray:

“I met Bill Murray once and asked for a picture. He responded with, ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ I kind of had a shocked look on his face, and he finally told me he was kidding, gave me a handshake/bro-hug, and took a picture with me.” — iStankonia


Tom Hanks:

“My friend is an Uber driver and told me one day that he was sitting at a stoplight and saw Tom standing on the sidewalk. For some reason he decided to shout “Hi, Forrest!” at him, and Tom gave him this wave”: — strengbt


Willy Nelson:

“I met Willy Nelson briefly when I was 16. I was pouring liquor at an auditorium he was playing at when he walked up, bought a pepsi and slid a crisp $50 into my front pocket. He winked and said “to the unsung heroes helping me look good on stage.” — platyviolence


Luke Wilson:

“I met him by accident as I was running to catch my ride after my shift, around 3 a.m. He was coming down the hallway at the same time as me, but neither of us were paying attention. I ran smack into the middle of his chest and fell on my butt. He was incredibly drunk but super friendly and apologetic as he helped me up.” — Almost_a_Full_Moon


Whoopi Goldberg:

My wife met her in London, having a smoke outside the hotel we were attending a wedding at. After sharing a smoke together, Whoopi came in and had photos with the bride and groom (my wife’s sister and brother-in-law), finally uttering the line of the day ‘It wouldn’t be a Jewish wedding without a Goldberg.'” — ringo_24601


Nick Offerman:

“When I met Nick Offerman, he was nothing but pleasant, funny and polite. We had a little chat about Toronto (where I live and where I met him). He mentioned his wife and he loved Toronto.” — Flimflamsam


Hayley Williams:

“I met Hayley Williams a couple of years ago. She was lovely.” — skyepilotgurl


Alec Baldwin:

“Alec Baldwin was really super nice when I met him at a Hollywood Hampton’s baseball fundraiser. He gave my sister and I his autograph and was warm and open.” — newsdaylaura18


Kanye West:

I was at a store, buying shoes. Next thing I know Kanye walks through the doors. I’m in disbelief, I’m stanning out and going crazy inside, but I play it cool. I continue picking out shoes and glancing over as Kanye AND Kim are looking at coats and some shirts. He glances over at me and nods his head. At this point, I was glad to be acknowledged.

Next thing I know I hear footsteps and a ‘Hey, man.’ It’s Kanye. I just said ‘Hi, holy shit, I cant believe this is happening”. Kanye laughed and we talked for about a minute when he called Kim over. We all talked for about 10 minutes. He was really interested in what I was doing with my life and my interests. He asked if I was going to his show the next day and when I said yes,yeah he was so excited to explain the intricate details of the show and his passion for preforming. Without me asking he said we should take a picture and he had Kim take the one of me and him. He said it was really nice talking to me and WE BRO HUGGED! He was incredibly interesting to talk to, and he is one of the nicest and genuine people I have spoken to. Here is the picture.” — Richard1018

Check out more submissions here!

Responses edited for length and clarity.

69 Things The New Barbie Ken With A Manbun Is Definitely Into

1. Texting “haha and then what?”

2. Listening to OAR in 2009

3. Saying “well, I had a bun before it was cool”

4. Yelling Chainsmokers lyrics after a two drinks

5. “Showering… can I come?”

6. Majoring in Sports Medicine or Criminal Justice

7. Ironically using the boomerang feature on Instragram

8. Alternating between calling Instagram “Insta” and “The Gram”

9. A little man named Davey Matthews

10. Wearing an old Detroit Pistons basketball jersey to a concert

11. Wearing a green Red Sox St. Patrick’s Day hat to a concert

12. Wearing a backpack with no shirt on, also at a concert

13. Wearing a tank top with huge block letters that says, like, “I LIKE TO PARTY” in giant letters, again at a concert

14. Talking about how good Rugrats was

15. Having an extensive collection of flannels

16. Shoes with no socks

17. Showing up at the bar in a Romphim “just for laffs” but secretly liking being like “Hell. Yea.”

18. Texting you to see if they can buy weed off you

19. Splitting the check with Barbie on a first date

20. Asking Barbie to borrow her conditioner

21. Talking about that “I love bacon” phase they went through six years ago

22. Picking up a guitar and just riffin’

23. But only knowing how to play The General on the guitar

24. “Bringing back” Hawaiian shirts

25. “Bringing back” short shorts

26. Having two older sisters

27. Saying “yo you see Barstool yesterday?”

28. Owning 4-5 deep V necks

29. Arguing about Wonder Woman

30. Still complaining about the ending “Lost”

31. Sugar-free Red Bull

32. Ironically using that flower crown Snapchat filter but really loving it

33. Watching Bravo shows

34. Really, really trying to talk about Bravo shows to prove they watch Bravo shows

35. Not being afraid to wear pink

36. Ignition (Remix)

37. Wearing leggings at the gym

38. Taking pics of himself wearing leggings at the gym

39. Sometimes wearing shorts OVER his leggings at the gym

40. Tribal print shirts

41. Animal print shirts

42. Scoop neck tank tops

43. Talking about how his wireless headphones “grew on him”

44. Having a tiny dog

45. Giving that tiny dog a matching man bun and ‘gramming it

46. Being unafraid to use emojis

47. Wearing shorts to work

48. Having an “octobeard” after No Shave November

49. Saying “it’s not a man bun, it’s just a bun!”

50. Having juuuuuust not enough hair for a man bun

51. Wearing some beaded bracelets

52. Ankle bracelets

53. Artisanal coffee

54. Artisanal cheese

55. Artisanal spectacles

56. Toms

57. Going to spin class

58. “Getting into yoga”

59. Tiny bathing suits

60. Trying the newest Starbucks Frappuccinos

61. Telling the barista at Starbucks that Barbie’s drink is “on me”

62. Cracking their iPhone screen and never getting it fixed

63. Liking Bernie Sanders but forgetting to vote in the primaries

64. Studying abroad in Australia

65. Shotgunning a beer after already drinking, like, four

66. Tagging their friends on thefatjewish posts

67. Passionately arguing that Mexican food is wayyy better in California

68. One Republic, probably

69. Always asking “You hear the new Drake?”

How Popular Are Your “RuPaul's Drag Race” Season 9 Opinions?

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Which challenge was the best?

  1. The cheer battle


    The cheer battle

  2. Draggily ever after


    Draggily ever after

  3. Morning talk show wars


    Morning talk show wars

  4. The Kardashian musical


    The Kardashian musical

  5. Snatch game


    Snatch game

  6. 9021-HO



  7. Michelle Visage roast


    Michelle Visage roast

  8. The original TV pilots


    The original TV pilots

  9. The crew makeovers


    The crew makeovers

  10. The rap challenge


    The rap challenge

We Ate At Miranda Lambert's Favorite Restaurant In Nashville And It Was Pretty Good

Farrah’s thoughts: I’ve had a lot of terrible pizza in my lifetime, but this was actually pretty excellent! I was a fan of the thin crust, and the cheese-to-sauce ratio was great. Miranda didn’t steer us wrong here.

Selorm’s thoughts: Miranda was right! The cheese pizza was amazing. It was super filling and a lot bigger than what I expected, especially since we ordered the small. I definitely liked that one.

Krista’s thoughts: When I eat pizza, I have to like the sauce. If I don’t like the sauce, I don’t like the pizza. I really loved the sauce on this pizza, so it’s a definite WINNER in my book! Thank you, Miranda.