Kim Kardashian Thinks Kris Jenner Is Single White Femaleing Her Because She Went Blonde

Unless Kris Jenner temporarily possessed your body through her powerful sorcery — which TBH is entirely possible — you decided to click on this article by your own free will. So don’t ask if I was paid to write this; don’t ask why we keep writing about these women; don’t tell me I should demand a refund for my college education because my writing is so bad. I HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU BUT YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE THE PROBLEM!

100 People Who Would Be Way Better Than Justin Timberlake At The Super Bowl

11. Kim Zolciak singing “Tardy For The Party” 3x

12. Everyone who was kicked out of Destiny’s Child

13. Miss Juicy

14. The Baha Men

15. Evan & Jaron (the people who sing “Crazy For This Girl”)

16. Mr C. (The guy that sings “The Cha Cha Slide”)

17. William Hung

18. Fred Durst (solo)

19. Mark McGrath (solo)

20. The cast of Zoom all grown up

21. Crazytown

22. Vitamin C

23. Stacie Orrico

24. A reunion of the nuns from Sister Act

25. An orchestra playing the Titanic soundtrack in full

26. Samantha Mumba

27. S Club 7

28. Paolo & Isabella (from the Lizzie McGuire movie)

29. Former American Idol host, Brian Dunkleman

30. Literally just a random man reading Cher’s tweets

31. My 10th grade English teacher discussing “Of Mice And Men”

32. Jessie Spano recreating her caffeine pill addiction episode

33. Just Kevin Jonas

34. 3/5 of the Spice Girls

35. Hoku

36. Ren Stevens from Even Stevens singing “We Went To The Moon in 1969”

37. Chingy

38. Mya

39. TATU

40 The white guy from “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”

41. Paige Davis (from Trading Spaces) giving tips about renovating

42. Valentina lip syncing for her life (with mask on)

43. My mailman

44. A descendent of Babe, pig in the city

45. Ryan Cabrera

46. Teddy Geiger (sang that song about walking in the mall)

47. Anna Nicole Smith’s cousin, Shelly

48. Baby Bash (sang that song “Suga Suga”)

49. Nina Sky singing “Move Ya Body”

50. Blu Cantrell

51. The Ying Yang Twins

52. The Raisinettes (those raisins that sing)

53. Beans from Even Stevens

54. Justin Guarini

55. Kimberly Locke

56. A reunion of the American Idol season three tour

57. The Zack Attack (band from Saved By The Bell)

58. Just the guy who had dreadlocks from O-Town

59. Deena from Jersey Shore

60. Danielle Staub

61. Everyone but Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach

62. Just Lo Bosworth

63. A barking dog

64. IDK a turtle

65. The Cellino & Barnes jingle on repeat

66. The Snapple lady

67. Samara (from The Ring)

68. A literal ghost

69. Taina singing the “Taina” theme song

70. One of those talking fish people put on the wall

71. A group of children crying

72. A blender making a smoothie with a shit ton of really frozen fruits

73. My mom yelling at me about saving money

74. Just the Frasier theme song

75. The sound of a mouse running in my room

76. My parents talking about politics

77. My drunk friends crying for no reason

78. Lustra (the band from “Euro Trip”)

79. Macklemore

80. A fly in your room banging into shit

81. When someone has a window open in the car and it fucks up your ears

82. My alarm

83 Someone breathing loudly

84. The sound of someone spitting

85. A Maroon 5 coverband

86. A motorcycle

87. Kim Possible’s beeper noise for 12 minutes straight

88. Haylie Duff

89. Christina Aguilera screaming

90. Jessica Simpson doing a medley from her flop country album

91. Someone chewing gum loudly

92. The Pussycat Dolls (without Nicole Schrwifajsdzger)

93. Lady Gaga talking about how she’s Italian

94. A horn

95. A person blowing their nose

96. My office fire alarm

97. Coughing

98. Yelling

99. A person violently throwing up

100. My dentist yelling at me for not flossing enough

People Are Pissed Justin Timberlake Is The Halftime Show Performer After What He Did To Janet Jackson

At the end of the performance, Justin ripped off a piece of fabric from Janet’s costume, exposing her right breast in what was later deemed a “wardrobe malfunction.”

In the ensuing aftermath, Justin escaped largely unscathed, while Janet’s career took a huge hit. Janet was effectively disinvited from the Grammys, which were held the following weekend, while Justin not only got to attend the show, but won the two awards. It seemed at every turn, Justin’s career took off while Janet was continually punished for the incident.

Many people have also taken issue with the fact that Justin (a straight, white man) never apologized to Janet (an African-American woman) for the incident, and she was held culpable for the entire ordeal.

If you want a more in-depth breakdown of what happened in the aftermath of that Super Bowl, Rich Juzwiak does an excellent breakdown here.

37 Things You've Always Wanted To Know About Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello was just 15 years old when she auditioned for the US version of The X Factor and hit the big time as a member of Fifth Harmony, the girl group put together and mentored by Simon Cowell. Since leaving the band at the end of last year, she’s been killing it solo: Her first single, “Crying in the Club”, was released in May, and “Havana” made it to No. 2 in the UK charts. Her debut solo album – The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. – is set to be released in December.

Camila is everywhere right now, so when we at BuzzFeed got the chance to chat to her in London recently, we jumped at the opportunity to learn a little bit more about her…

1. Puppies or kittens?

Camila Cabello: Puppies. Duh.

2. Which animal are you most like?

CC: I would say an elephant, because they have the best emotional memory out of all the animals.

3. Have you ever been mistaken for another celebrity?

CC: Actually, yeah! One time I was at the airport and I was getting some food, and this guy was like, “Oh my god, I thought you were Selena Gomez!” But he didn’t know who I was, he just thought I was Selena Gomez. I was like, “No, I’m not.” And then I just walked away.

4. Have you ever intentionally pretended to be another celebrity?

CC: No. I’ve never had the opportunity.

5. Where is your favourite place in the world?

CC: I just went to Rome, Italy, for the first time, and it changed my whole life.

6. Where is one place you’ve never been to but would love to visit?

CC: Thailand. Elephants!

7. What’s your favourite holiday?

CC: New Year’s. I love starting again.

8. What’s the weirdest possession you own?

CC: When I was in my former group, we each had to pick a cover to sing, and I picked Ed Sheeran, “Lego House”. So we did the cover of the song, and he tweeted us, “Incredible”. And then a fan framed me his tweet. I have it in my room. [laughs]

9. What’s the last thing you cried at?

CC: I cried at this movie I saw yesterday, it’s called Saving Mr Banks. It’s about the story of the woman who wrote Mary Poppins, her real story, and Walt Disney. I was literally sobbing. You can’t ask me the last time I cried. It’s always gonna be in, like, the past 10 hours.

10. Tea or coffee?

CC: OK, I’m gonna say neither, because coffee makes me… It’s a lot. And then tea, if it’s not Throat Coat, I don’t like the taste.

11. Favourite pizza topping?

CC: Hawaiian.

Oooh, controversial.

CC: I know! I don’t get it! Get it together, people! Pineapple on pizza is good. Sweet and salty, it’s one of the best creations of mankind. Get it together. Accept Hawaiian! Pizza. Important last word.

12. What’s your favourite comfort food?

CC: Chocolate. I love chocolate.

13. What advice would you give to your younger self?

CC: It’s not that serious. Calm down.

14. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

CC: That everything is a choice. Your attitude towards things is in your control. You can choose how you look at any situation. No matter what the situation is, you can always get something good out of it.

15. What’s the craziest fan encounter you’ve ever had?

CC: It’s not crazy in a bad way, it’s actually really beautiful. I was waiting for the twinkly lights at the Eiffel Tower, and there was a group of fans behind me. When the twinkly lights happened, we all sang “La Vie En Rose” together.

16. Have you ever freaked out about meeting a celebrity?

CC: Yes. Many times. Many, many times. The first was probably One Direction, when I was on X Factor. It was a big one.

17. What’s one band or singer you’d love to see live?

CC: I would love to see Coldplay live! I’d love to see John Mayer live, and I’d love to see Chance the Rapper live.

18. What one musician would you like to collaborate with most?

CC: A lot, all of them. Kendrick Lamar, Chance. I’m gonna say that.

19. What’s your signature dance move?

CC: I learned that when I was in school. To an Usher and Justin Bieber music video. And I’m really good at it, as you can tell.

20. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

CC: It would be the power to have a clone, but we would have the same brain, so we would feel both lives at once. Like, we could watch a movie, and also eat at a great restaurant, and I would feel both of them. But it would be difficult, because I could also be having the best time of my life, and then my clone gets into an accident, and I would feel a lot of pain. And happiness.

That just got really dark.

CC: I haven’t planned it out yet.

Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

21. What’s your favourite song to sing live?

CC: “Havana”! Because I’m promoting it right now. [laughs]

22. If you could cover any song, what would it be?

CC: I would never do this, because I feel like it’s an untouchable thing and it’s better left untouched, but “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

23. Do you have a secret talent?

CC: Are you ready? You have to make my mouth look pretty. I’m single.

24. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

CC: A lot of Latin people – I don’t know if this means anything in other places – but this, like, [tutting noise]. It means, like, relax. And I hate that sound. I hate it. I also hate it when people pronounce the letter S so piercing – I’m sorry, they could be amazing people, but it just hurts my ears. It reaches this frequency in my ears where it literally is painful. I can’t.

25. Who was the last person you texted?

CC: My mom.

26. What’s your most used emoji?

CC: A red heart. Or the one that’s like this… [does emoji impression]

27. What’s the last song you had stuck in your head?

CC: [starts singing “What Lovers Do”] The Maroon 5 song. I love that song.

28. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

CC: Any Nicki Minaj song.

29. What’s your biggest phobia?

CC: I really have to get over my fear of sharks and the ocean. If I’m in the ocean and my feet can’t touch the sand I won’t do it, I freak out. I went to Cancún this year with my family, and we went scuba diving, and I literally was having an anxiety attack while scuba diving. I was like, “It’s right behind me! I know it, it’s right behind me!” It was not, I’m still here, but it was horrible. I peed a little bit in the ocean, and I was like, “The shark can trace my pee, I know he’s coming!”

30. What was the last book you read?

CC: The Secret Life of Bees. It was cool.

31. What TV show have you been binge-watching recently?

CC: Narcos. But Pablo’s gone, so it’s not the same. [thinks for a second] I’m not talking about in a real-world context! I’m talking about the episode. That would be a messed-up thing to say.

32. What’s your favourite movie?

CC: There’s this movie called Life Is Beautiful, it’s an Italian movie. I think it’s my mom’s favourite movie. It’s like her whole way of looking at life, and it just reminds me of how I want to look at life.

33. What job would you want to do if you weren’t a musician?

CC: I would want to work in a coffee shop. Actually, one day I would still like to work in a coffee shop, because I have this dream of meeting someone in a coffee shop, and falling in love with them and talking to them every day. And they only come to the coffee shop to get my coffee. But it’s not because my coffee’s good. It’s because they like me.

I’m going to apply tomorrow to the nearest coffee shop.

34. What’s your proudest achievement?

CC: Taking my family to travel really beautiful parts of the world.

35. What’s one ambition you have yet to accomplish?

CC: All of them. [laughs] I’m really excited to have my first album out. In the near future, I’m excited to get the “Havana” music video out, and I’m excited to go on tour. My ambition in life is to keep travelling the world.

36. What’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make you happy?

CC: Music, great food, and a movie.

37. What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

CC: [in a Darth Vader voice] That I’m Darth Vader. [starts cackling] I’m sorry, I’m delusional right now. I’ve never done that before, and it came out perfectly. OK, Camila, come back. Something people don’t know about me… I was actually just telling someone about this: I love spoken word poetry.

And I’m Darth Vader.

Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

Corey Feldman Takes To Twitter In Response To Onslaught Of Hollywood Abuse Allegations

The allegations made by both Haim and Feldman have been well documented, with Feldman ultimately blaming sexual abuse for Haim’s drug addiction and untimely death.

Speaking to Nightline in 2011, Feldman said: “There is one person to blame in the death of Corey Haim, and that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul — and that person needs to be exposed but unfortunately I can’t be the one to do it.”

19 Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements That Will Make You Go, “Awwwww!”

What’s that? You think you’ve seen this one before? Fair — it’s probably the most iconic pregnancy announcement of all time.

Her Instagram caption: “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters”

Deets on the babies: This summer Bey and Jay-Z introduced Rumi, a girl, and Sir, a boy, to the world.