I Rewatched “Twilight” And Had So Many Thoughts

1. The beginning is so dramatic, talking about dying already.

2. It’s bringing back the thrill of watching it for the first time, though.

3. This conversation between Bella and Charlie is painfully awkward.

4. Bella’s hair looks really pretty in this movie.

5. The voiceover is a bit much.

6. Jacob! I forgot you see him first.

7. Ooft that’s a bad wig.

8. Okay Charlie is so hot though. I definitely didn’t appreciate him enough 10 years ago.

9. Lol @ Bella hitting Jacob with the car door.

10. Yeah this voiceover is really terrible.

11. Eric’s hair is peak 2008.

12. And so is him saying “chillax”.

13. It will never not be hilarious that Anna Kendrick is in these movies.

14. She’s so great in them though.

15. God Jessica, you can’t just ask people why they’re not really tan.

16. The whole friendship group is seriously under-appreciated and definitely under-used in the following movies.

17. Here come the Cullens!

18. Their introduction with Jessica’s commentary is so perfect and hilarious.

19. “Dr Cullen’s like this foster dad slash matchmaker.” Literally though.


21. Oh man, I remember squealing so hard when he first entered the cafeteria.

22. I mean I’m low-key doing it now too.

23. He’s so hot.

24. But so grumpy!

25. I’m wheezing at his reaction to Bella walking into biology.

26. Hahahahhahahaha.

27. That stare! This whole scene is ridiculous.

28. Omg Edward, be less weird.

29. “I’ll just have to endure it.” Such a drama queen.

30. This soundtrack is so good.

31. Ugh Tyler is a pest

32. The movie does a much better job than the book of establishing the danger of James and co early on.

33. Does it really rain this much in Forks?

34. Mike is a pest too.

35. Edward’s back!

36. Edward, BE LESS WEIRD.

37. “Any cold, wet thing.” Lol.

38. Kristen Stewart got a lot of flack for only having one expression in these movies, but imo she has too many expressions. Like about five cross her face at once when she’s just trying to say a very ordinary sentence.

39. How does Edward look so damn great in a plain grey t-shirt?

40. And Robert Pattinson’s hair has never looked as good as it does in this movie.

41. Edward is so socially awkward. Like Bella asks him a question and instead of thinking of a logical answer like the supposedly brilliant vampire he is, he just mumbles something about the fluorescent lights and nopes right out of there.

42. Oooh yes the van scene.

43. I remember screaming in this scene when I first watched it.

44. Ahhhhhhh.

45. Oh heeeey Carlisle.

46. I love that Bella is calling Edward out to Carlisle.

47. Edward stop gaslighting Bella you beautiful, handsome jerk.

48. Edward no, don’t watch her sleep.

49. Ugh he looks so good in that pea coat.

50. Mike being out-of-focus in the foreground with Edward all sharp in the background is perfect.

51. “You can google it.” I don’t know why but in 2008 that line was hilarious.

52. Edward is a messy bitch who lives for drama.

53. Poor Charlie, he’s making such an effort to talk to Bella.

54. I can’t believe they really made an apple bounce off Edward’s shoe just so he could catch it like the book cover.

55. “It’s just a little crowded.” Cut to deserted beach. Lol.

56. It looks so miserable.

57. I love Jessica dragging the guys for being babies.

58. “You stalking me?” Bella says to Jacob, the boy who lives in the area she’s come to. Meanwhile Edward is literally watching her sleep.

59. “The Cullens don’t come here.” Everyone in this movie is so extra.

60. It’s kinda hella problematic that Stephanie Meyer appropriated Native American culture like this hey.

61. Taylor Lautner is very charming as Jacob.

62. And Rachelle Lafevre is so good as Victoria. I’m still mad they recast her tbh.

63. James, you stone cold hottie.

64. Why does Bella go searching for a book when she literally scrolled past a bunch of Google results that would have gotten her an answer much quicker.

65. “It makes my boobs look good.” Jessica is the best.

66. Bella is low-key such a shitty friend.

67. I hate this scene where the guys attack her.

68. I’m laughing at Edward’s growl though.

69. “Never Think” is playing, they’re at the restaurant, I’m swooning all over again.

70. Why is Edward so shocked Bella knows what the square root of pie is.

71. It really is so fucked that he followed her.

72. Tag urself I’m the guy thinking about his cat.

73. I love Carlisle and Edward having their own telepathic conversation rn.

74. RIP Butt Crack Santa.

75. This website Bella is browsing is SO 2008.

76. I can’t believe I had to wait nearly 50 minutes for Bella to figure out Edward is a vampire.

77. Edward in the blue shirt and pea coat, HELLO.

78. I actually love this confrontation scene in the forest.

79. But Edward running with Bella on his back is so goofy.


81. Question: what is it about sunlight that makes them sparkle? Because like even if the sun is behind clouds there’s still uv rays and shit.

82. Cackling at Edward yeeting that branch into that rock.

83. Gosh this is so problematic. Ugggggh.

84. “You’re like my own personal brand of heroin.” And so silly.

85. Edward: you should be afraid of me! Bella: I’m afraid. Edward: :’(

86. I’ve always hated that “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” bit. It’s TOO cheesy.

87. Lmao @ them just lying there eye fucking each other in the meadow.

88. It is a pretty shot though.

89. Hahahahahah the wind chimes again.

90. Bella arriving at school with Edward and him wearing those sunglasses and shrugging and being like “since I’m going to hell” is SO HOT.

91. I just realised Edward has been a vampire for 100 years this year.

92. “It wouldn’t be like drinking your blood.” Edward you thirsty weirdo.

93. Billy embarrassing Jacob is so funny.

94. The Cullens have such a nice hose.

95. It’s super cute that they’re cooking for Bella. And they think she’s Italian! Lol.

96. Edward is dying, his family are embarrassing him so much, what a relatable teen vampire.

97. Going to high school over and over again sounds like a nightmare. No wonder Edward is such a moody git.

98. He’s so self-conscious showing Bella his room, it’s rather endearing.

99. Damn he looks good in that blue shirt.

100. “You better hold on tight, spider monkey.” Robert Pattinson deserves all of the awards for actually saying that line.

101. The lullaby! I love this scene so much.

102. I just rewound it three times to watch it all over again.

103. Hey there Stephenie Meyer in the diner!

104. Edward you creep.

105. The kiss scene is so good though. The tension is perfect.

106. Right until he yeets into the wall.

107. I hate the “dad with the shotgun” trope but I love Charlie a lot.

108. This baseball scene is iconic.

109. If they hit the ball so hard, how do they not break the bat and the ball?

110. “My monkey man.” Why is this family obsessed with monkeys?

111. This movie goes from zero to 100 real quick.

112. Poor Charlie. You can actually see the second his heart breaks.

113. “You are my life now.” A lot of things I used to think were really romantic in this movie are doing nothing for me now.

114. I love Jasper and Alice’s relationship. The little hand-hold is a nice touch.

115. Bella this is not a smart decision.

116. This fight scene is just funny to me.

117. Alice is quite literally cracking open a cold one with the boys.

118. “Let Me Sign”! Man I used to be so obsessed with Robert Pattinson’s songs for this movie. As well as, like, the whole soundtrack.

119. It’s hilarious that they blame everything on Bella’s clumsiness and her parents are like “yeah, seems legit.”

120. Bella has officially lost all chill.

121. Charlie is so done with Edward.

122. “I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend.” I see what you did there Edward.

123. He looks so good in that suit.

124. This dance scene to Iron & Wine is so everything.

125. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

126. I can’t help it, I’m grinning.

127. The ominous ending with Victoria is great too.

128. The credits scenes are cuuuute.

129. Look, yeah, this movie is a mess, but I will never not love it.

16 Famous People Who Actually Have A Twin


Napoleon Dynamite has a twin brother! Jon Heder is pictured below on the left, and his identical twin brother, Dan, is on the right.

David Livingston / Getty Images


Rami Malek has a twin brother named Sami, who he admitted he swaps identities with sometimes. He told Jimmy Kimmel that he pretended to be his twin once to deliver a monologue that would help Sami pass his college class.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images, David Becker / Getty Images


Giovanni Ribisi from Avatar and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow has a twin named Marissa.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images


You may know Aaron Carter’s older sibling, Nick Carter, but he also has a fraternal twin named Angel.

Chad Buchanan / Getty Images


Ashton Kutcher is a twin! Here he is pictured with his brother, Michael.

Adam Bettcher


Scarlett Johannson is a twin. Her brother, Hunter, stands almost a foot taller than her.

Jamie Mccarthy


Alanis Morissette has a twin brother named Wade who is also a musician.

Mark Davis / Getty Images, Cleveland Yoga: Beachwood, Uptown / Via youtube.com


Daryl Sabara of Spy Kids fame has a twin named Evan Sabara.


Judy Reyes is known for her roles on Claws and Scrubs, but acting runs in the family because her twin, Joselin (right), has been on several TV shows, too.

Paul Archuleta / Getty Images, Davis Entertainment


Isabella Rossellini’s twin is named Ingrid. They’re the daughters of actress Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini.

Jemal Countess


Jill Hennessy, who played Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on Crossing Jordan and Claire Kincaid on Law & Order, has a twin sister named Jacqueline. They’re pictured here on either side of Canadian film director Ed Gass-Donnelly.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images, National Post Music / Via youtube.com


French actress Eva Green, known for her roles in Casino Royale and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, has a twin sister named Joy.

Tristan Fewings / Getty Images, Mychele Daniau / AFP / Getty Images


Peyton List from Disney Channel’s Jessie is a twin! The other half of the duo is her brother, Spencer.

Handout / Getty Images


Gisele Bündchen is one of five siblings, but she and her sister Patricia are twins.



Vin Diesel is a twin! Here his is with his twin brother, Paul Sinclair.


The New “Kim Possible” Movie Just Got A Premiere Date So Mark Your Calendars

The pair befriend new classmate Athena, who becomes the newest member of Team Possible right when the “nefarious Drakken and Shego resurface in Middleton with a master plan to finally stop Kim. Now it’s up to Team Possible—Kim, Ron, tech-genius Wade, new friend Athena and Rufus, a Naked mole-rat that Ron meets along the way—to stop these super villains.”

These Moments Of Black Excellence Will Light Up The End Of Your Week


The ladies of Insecure slayed this week! First, it was announced that Issa Rae and Laura Dern will be producing and starring in a new HBO limited series, The Dolls.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

The show will also be written by Issa Rae and her fellow Insecure writers, Laura Kittrel and Amy Aniobi. The show is about the Christmas Eve riots that took place in two Arkansas towns in the winter of 1983, which were sparked over Cabbage Patch Dolls. Excited to see these ladies bring this story to life!


Second, Natasha Rothwell inked an overall deal with HBO.

Michael Tullberg / Getty Images, HBO

Rothwell is developing a series with HBO that she will write, executive produce, and star in. We need this show ASAP!


And last, but not least, Yvonne Orji signed a book deal with Flatiron Books!

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Flatiron Books

The multi-talented Yvonne Orji will be writing a faith-based advice book called Bamboozled by Jesus. The release date hasn’t been set yet, but I’m eagerly anticipating its launch!


Kennedy Mack, a freshman at Howard University, was crowned Ms. Texas Teen USA, the first black woman to be named so!


Get that crown, girl!


Viola Davis and Julius Tennon signed a first look deal with Amazon Studios!

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, Amazon

Viola and hubby Julius’s first project is going to be the biopic of Shirley Chisholm, which Viola Davis will star in. Excited for what this power couple has in store!!


The Hollywood Reporter had their largest photoshoot ever. The subjects? All these beautiful black female screenwriters.

The Hollywood Reporter / Via hollywoodreporter.com

The members Black Women Who Brunch, a networking group co-founded by Lena Waithe, came together at the Hollywood Reporter to discuss their mission and state their presence in the industry. It’s only fitting that this record-breaking honor would be bestowed on these fabulous ladies.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images, Harper Collins

The novel, which was only recently discovered, “centers on 86-year-old Cudjo Lewis, the last known survivor of the Middle Passage who was brought to America in 1927.” Common and Lionsgate TV will be bringing this amazing story to life.


Whitney Huell is the first black ballerina ever in the history of the Kansas City Ballet to dance a lead in The Nutcracker.


Dance on, my Sugar Plum Fairy!!


Travis Scott scored his first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Sicko Mode.”

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

The song is fire AF and it was only a matter of time before this happened. Congrats on topping the charts, Travis!


It’s award season, y’all! First up, congrats to SZA and Janelle Monáe for their Billboard Women in Music Awards!!

Leon Bennett / Getty Images, Theo Wargo / Getty Images

SZA won the Rule Breaker award and Janelle Monáe won the Trailblazer award. Both fitting, if you ask me!


Regina Hall won the award for Best Actress at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards – and is the first black woman to do so!

Theo Wargo / Getty Images, Magnolia Pictures

Regina Hall won the award for her role in Support the Girls, where she plays Lisa Conroy, an optimistic sports bar manager, who gets tried every which way over the course of one fated day. The movie is available to rent here if you want to see Regina in all her greatness!


Congrats to all of our fabulous Golden Globe nominees. Especially Black Panther, the first superhero movie to ever be nominated for Best Picture, Drama.

Marvel Studios, Annapurna Pictures, Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Other nominees include: If Beale Street Could Talk for Best Picture, Drama, Spike Lee for Best Director, and Regina King for not one, but TWO awards: Best Supporting Actress, Drama and Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie. Thank you to all these people for showcasing such beautiful black stories. All the nominations can be found here.


And a SUPER shoutout goes to the cast and creators of Pose for their groundbreaking Best TV Series, Drama nomination!

FX, Rachel Luna / Getty Images

This unprecedented show, including a cast of mostly trans black women and other members of the LGBTQ community, made history with this nomination. Billy Porter, who plays Pray Tell in the series, is also nominated for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama. Like, words cannot express how happy I am for this show.


And last, but certainly not least, congrats to all of our amazing Grammy Award nominees, especially newcomers, Chloe X Halle!

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images, Jamie Mccarthy, Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Some of the other nominees include: Cardi B for Album of the Year, Drake for Record of the Year, and Jorja Smith for Best New Artist! Thank you to all these artists for making our Spotify playlists dope AF. All the nominations can be found here.

Shoutout to all this black excellence. Can’t wait to see what amazingness we have in store next week!