Lindsay Lohan Got Into A Fight On Instagram Live While Apparently Trying To “Save” A Child Refugee

She then asks if they’re cold and offers to take care of them.

“Do you want to stay in a hotel tonight? Do you want to watch movies? It’ll be so cool, right? To watch a movie on a TV, right? Or on a computer?” she says.

Lohan then diverts her attention to a young boy and asks him to leave with her. “Let’s go. I’ll take you with me and I’ll see you tomorrow,” she says. Speaking to the adults, she says: “Let me take him for the night; let him stay for the night, one night, one night, one night.”

When the family doesn’t move, she offers to take all of them. She says: “May I take you all? Come, all of us. Why are you staying on the street? What happened? Just tell me.”

She then says that the adult man cannot come. Lohan turns to the child again and says, jokingly: “Three seconds… Run. You shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor. Do you understand that? You’re a good little boy and this is not fair.”

She turns back to the woman, who appears to be their mother, and says: “You should not have them on the floor.

“If someone is offering them a home and a bed, give it to them. This is not right.”

The man then asks where Lohan is from, to which she replies: “I’m Italian, Irish, I speak Russian, I speak Arabic.”

She turns back to the child and says: “No, come run. Let’s go — it’s too cold; this is wrong. Let them go, wallahi.”

Lohan then repeats her offer of a hotel room, and says she will give them cash for a hotel room. The family get up and Lohan starts arguing with them over a blanket that the family had been sleeping on.

“This is dirty, leave it. It’s wet, leave it,” Lohan says. She then starts to make her way to her car, and realises that they’re not following her.