The Cast Of “Psych” Told Us All About The Upcoming Movie And I Honestly Can't Wait Until December

It was no coincidence that Jimmi Simpson, who played Mary Lightly, moderated the Psych: The Movie panel. The fan favorite character will appear in the reunion film, despite *spoiler* his character dying back in season 4. Even Roday joked, “I believe he’s now appeared on the show more post-death than he has than when he was actually alive, and we take great pride in that.”

As for how he’ll appear, the writers “found a pretty clever way to give the people what they need and that’s a little more Mary Lightly.”

This “Willy Wonka” Easter Egg In The “Ready Player One” Trailer Will Give You Chills

For those who don’t know, basically, Ready Player One is set in a dystopian future, specifically 2044, where everyone is obsessed with a giant, worldwide virtual reality gaming network called OASIS. OASIS is filled with a TON of ’80s pop culture references and also contains some important Easter eggs. The Easter eggs, however, aren’t just for fun — because whoever finds them all will inherit a multi-billion dollar fortune left behind by OASIS’ late creator, James Halliday.

If You Thought Katy Perry Was Singing About Catching Fish In “Feels,” You're Not Alone

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So, did you think Katy was singing about catching fish in “Feels”?

  1. vote

    Yes, it doesn’t sound like she’s saying “feels” at all!

  2. vote

    No, it sounds like she’s saying “feels”!

  3. vote

    Bitch, I still think SHE IS singing about catching fish!

  4. vote

    Wait. Why did I think that was Gwen Stefani singing?

Host A Celebrity Dinner Party And We'll Rate It Out Of 10

Host A Celebrity Dinner Party And We’ll Rate It Out Of 10

You got: 2/10

OK, so you’re really not the greatest host and your guests left pretty unsatisfied but to be completely honest they were a little rude and you tried your best. I’m sure next time will be better!

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You got: 5/10

This isn’t a bad score, but there’s plenty of room for improvement! Half your guests loved the party but maybe next time choose a different main.

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You got: 6/10

Hey, more than half is a great score! The food was cooked pretty well and everyone had a pretty good time. You’ll just have to keep inviting your celebrity friends over until you’re at a 10/10. I believe in you!

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You got: 8/10

That is a pretty solid score and your celebrity guests honestly enjoyed their night. Sure, it wasn’t perfect but you now know what to improve on and they’re definitely going to come back for more.

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You got: 9/10

Woah, an almost perfect score! It was a pretty incredible night and your celebrity friends will be talking about it for weeks to come. The food was delicious and everyone loved your home. You’re a great host and there’s not much else to improve on, congrats!

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You got: 10/10

Woah, a perfect score! You’re an incredible host and all your celebrity friends left your house beaming. The food was cooked to perfection and the entertainment was fab. Congratulations on being a legendary host!

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Britney Spears Actually Rejected “Bachelorette” Contestant DeMario Jackson Outside A Grocery Store In 2008

Here’s how it went down:

DeMario: My name’s Demario Jackson. I’m an up-and-coming actor. I want to be just like you. I want everybody to see me on TV.

Britney: I’m never on TV.

DeMario: Britney, I love you. Demario Jackson. That’s my URL MySpace.

Britney: Ok.

DeMario: Can I have a hug?


DeMario: You should really take down my number.

Britney: ***makes cringe face*** ***walks away***

The “Game Of Thrones” Cast Sort Celebrities Into Houses With Hilarious Results

It’s that time of year again, when Game of Thrones is in full swing and we want to know everything there is to know about the show and the cast.

Well, before Season 7 kicked off, BuzzFeed was lucky enough to meet up with a few of the stars of the show. Not only did they tell us some excellent behind-the-scenes secrets and let us know what their ideal spinoff shows would be, but they also sorted celebrities into Game of Thrones houses for us. And we of course then illustrated a few.

Here are the humorous results…

Sophie Turner: I was about to say Gryffindor. Erm, Stark!

Pilou Asbæk: Targaryen.

Gemma Whelan: No, I say Tyrell!

Jacob Anderson: Team Dany. Targaryen. [fist-bumps chest] She’s a Targaryen.

Liam Cunningham: Ooh, Unsullied? [laughs] He’d be in Dorne, wouldn’t he? He’d be somewhere warm and glamorous and full of niceness.

Gemma: Oh, we want him – Greyjoy.

Pilou: Sand Snakes. [laughs cheekily]

Sophie: Tom Hardy. Ooh, Tom Hardy… Ooh, maybe Lannister? I feel like he’d play Lannister really well.

Liam: I think he’d be a good Martell. Or Tywin’s brother or something like that. You know what I mean? He’s quite Shakespearean, isn’t he? “Make it so.”

Gemma: Starks.

Pilou: The Greyjoys. [smirks and both laugh]

Rory McCann: Is he not in a house of his own?

John Bradley: [laughs] Erm, Stark because of the integrity.

Sophie: [bursts out laughing] Stark!

John: Lannister. Yeah, 100%.

Daniel Portman: Slytherin. Erm, sorry.

Jacob: [bursts out laughing] Agreed… He’s an Ironborn, I reckon.

Daniel: Yeah, he’s an Ironborn. Yeah he is, isn’t he? [does impression of Danny Dyer]

Pilou: That’s the Starks.

Gemma: Oh OK, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Isaac Hempstead Wright: A jester. He’d be the court jester, I think.

Rory: [thinks] Probably Lannister.

John: Yeah, probably Lannister. Or Tyrell. One of the others.

Sophie: [nods and smiles] Stark.

Daniel: She’s a Stark. [changes his mind quickly] No, no she’s not. She’s definitely a Lannister. She’s got Lannister written all over her. Just in terms of, like, blonde, and she’s got a bit of a lioness thing going on.

Jacob: [laughs] In terms of blonde?!

Daniel: They’re meant to be blonde!

Jacob: Oh yeah, that’s true. Sorry, my bad. Ignore me.

Isaac: Oh, he’d be a Stark.

Aidan Gillen: I thought he’d be a Lannister.

Isaac: Ooh. No, he’s too nice.

Aidan: It’s just his hair.

Aidan: Snoop impersonated Littlefinger on TV while smoking a joint with Seth Rogen. That was pretty interesting. So he’d have to be wherever I’m at, but I don’t really have a house.

Jacob: I feel like he’d be the fool or something of one of the houses.

Daniel: [bursts out laughing] Who’s the useless one? He’d be the useless one. Whatever the useless one is.

Jacob: [laughs] He’d be a Ravenclaw.

Daniel: Yeah, Hufflepuff. Can we make up a house for Ed?

BuzzFeed: You can.

Daniel: House Miliband then. He’d be a nice Miliband, wouldn’t he?

John: [thinks] Targaryen.

Isaac: I’d say Greyjoy.

Aidan: He looks a bit like a Greyjoy, you’re right.

Isaac: Like, a Tully. Inoffensive and [under his breath] bland. No. [laughs]

Aidan: Maybe. He looks a bit like he could be a Tully. Yeah, I might agree with you on that one.