Meghan Markle Found Time To Reinvent Banana Bread While On Her Royal Tour And Honestly Wow

In between being snubbed by koalas and meeting cute kids, Meghan Markle has also found the time to cook a cake for morning tea on day two of the Australian royal tour.

Meghan’s banana bread went down well! It has chocolate chips in and a bit of ginger (and I can personally attest to the fact that it is rather nice!) #Dubbo

01:57 AM – 17 Oct 2018

She is also pregnant, potentially jetlagged as fuck and on a 16-day, 76-engagement long official tour which today saw her and Prince Harry in rural NSW, visiting drought affected farmers.

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There is an unspoken rule in the Aussie bush that when one is invited to a person’s house, one must “bring a plate” but we all kind of just assumed with her being a duchess and all she would be exempt from such law.

But not only did she make banana bread, with slices of fresh ginger, chocolate chips and, reportedly, “too many bananas” she also had the courage to go up against the Country Women’s Association (CWA), who are the best bakers in the southern hemisphere (if not the world).

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex baked choc chip banana bread for a CWA spread in Dubbo.
Brave woman. I wouldn’t want to go up against the CWA

07:28 AM – 17 Oct 2018

Meghan brought banana bread to the Wongarbon CWA in Dubbo and you just KNOW those ladies would have been like. #RoyalVisitAUS

02:13 AM – 17 Oct 2018

Meghan presented the cake at smoko (Australian for morning tea) with the Woodley family, who are fifth generation sheep and cattle farmers. The duchess looked right at home on the land and even fed some cows.

Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

Then surveyed the herds.

Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

And checked the flocks.

Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

In fact, she looked like the actual farmer!

Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

All while wearing J.Crew high-heel boots, jeans by sustainable Australia brand Outland Denim and a coat from Serena Williams’ clothing line.

Then this happened and our hearts collectively melted again.

She carries her own coat, she bakes banana bread, she holds the umbrella for her man… Meghan Markle we are not worthy #australiaroyaltour #dubbo

02:31 AM – 17 Oct 2018


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