Will Ferrell Showed Up As George W. Bush To “Not The White House Correspondents Dinner”

1. On Saturday in Washington, DC, Samantha Bee hosted a special taping of her late night show called Not The White House Correspondents Dinner.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The show was taped in the afternoon in front of an audience, but won’t air on TBS until 10:00 p.m. ET.

2. The show takes aim at President Donald Trump, as well as other members of government and media. But the most exciting thing to come from the taping was…Will Ferrell showed up as a surprise guest!

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

3. Ferrell took the stage on Saturday afternoon and received a standing ovation before he started to perform his George W. Bush impression.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

4. “How do you like me now?” Ferrell/Bush joked. “The prodigal son has returned.”

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

5. ‘Bush’ joked that now he’s a “better painter than he was a president.”

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

6. And showed off a painting he did of Trump.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

7. “For a long time I was considered the worst president of all time,” he mused. “That has changed, and it only took 100 days.”

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

8. The audience was filled with laughter, and give Ferrell another standing ovation as he walked off stage, too.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

9. Even Samantha Bee gushed, “I love Will Ferrell so much” in between filming.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

10. It really doesn’t get funnier than this guy.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

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Am I The Only One Who Didn't Know This About Arnold's Outfit On “Hey Arnold”?

1. So, I was flipping through the channels at around 1:30 a.m. yesterday, and I saw that Hey Arnold! was on.


2. And as I was watching, I was like, “Wow, it’s so cool and progressive that Arnold wears a skirt. Good for him.”


4. Then I thought, “Wait, when did this show even come out?” So, I did some research* and found out it first aired in 1996. But I also came across something far more important…



5. This:

“Arnold wears a sweater, with his plaid shirt untucked (resembling a kilt).”

7. Wow, so it really isn’t a skirt or a kelt. It’s just his shirt untucked.


8. After processing what I had just learned, I reached out to my co-workers to share the news:

  1. But more importantly, DID YOU KNOW ARNOLD IS NOT WEARING A SKIRT?

    1. Yes, I knew this. Everyone knows this. You are stupid.


    3. I think I knew this already.

Am I The Only One Who Didn’t Know This About Arnold’s Outfit On “Hey Arnold”?


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    The 23 Biggest Fuckboys In Rom-Coms

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their absolute least favorite guys in romantic comedies. Here are the assholes they couldn’t stand watching.

    1. Elton (Jeremy Sisto) in Clueless

    Paramount Pictures

    “Omg he’s the worst! Not only is he a pretentious asshole who insinuates Ty isn’t good enough for him, but he sexually harasses Cher when she repeatedly says no, then he LEAVES HER stranded in an unfamiliar part of town where she ends up getting mugged. I hate him!” —oliviab4a17c385c

    2. Joe (Tom Hanks) in You’ve Got Mail

    Warner Bros.

    “He was a jerk and freaking put Meg Ryan out of business. Also it was her dead mother’s beloved bookshop??? And nobody seems to even care in the end? If it were me I’d kick his ass so hard his business would feel it.” —hshaller1120

    3. Ben (Bradley Cooper) in He’s Just Not That Into You

    New Line Cinema

    “He lies the whole time, to his wife (Scarlett Johansson). And don’t get me started on the cheating thing. Not okay. And was it really him smoking? We never see any evidence, but the cigarettes are there!!” —mandyfullerm

    4. Sam (Alex Carlson) in 13 Going on 30

    Revolution Studios

    “Not only did he not respect the fact that Jenna doesn’t want to be his anymore, which is my biggest issue, but he doesn’t pay attention to the fact that when he gets out of the shower she has no idea who this ‘strange man’ in her apartment is. Also…the striptease scene? GROSS! Matty is so much better-looking anyways!” —melissak4f9598632

    5. Daniel (Hugh Grant) in Bridget Jones’s Diary

    “Honestly a disgusting excuse for a human being. Every time he comes onscreen I wanna throw up.” —melaniep4ef81e4ea

    6. Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in 500 Days of Summer

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    “He puts all these expectations on Summer and becomes obsessed with her, all under the guise of true love. Hard pass.” —timeglare73

    7. Harry (Alan Rickman) in Love Actually

    Universal Pictures

    “Flirts with his giraffe of a secretary for the entire Christmas party IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE, buys the woman an expensive necklace and gives his wife a CD, and then eventually sleeps with her and ruins Christmas.”

    8. Julianne (Julia Roberts) in My Best Friend’s Wedding

    TriStar Pictures

    “She was the WORST character in any romantic comedy ever! I felt no sadness for her not getting her dream man in the end. Dermot Mulroney should have sent her ass packing in the end. No friend should ever get in the way of her BFF’s happiness.” —sarahc48880d19c

    9. …and Anna (Julia Roberts) in Notting Hill

    Polygram Filmed Entertainment

    “She doesn’t tell Hugh Grant she has a boyfriend, lets him get humiliated, throws a tantrum when the press finds them together, wrongfully blames him even though he has been her only comfort, then has the balls/narcissism to ask him at the end to love her. She takes him totally for granted (pun intended) the entire time and discards him whenever it suits her.” —alexy4f6ab0995

    10. Nate (Adrian Grenier) in The Devil Wears Prada

    Fox 2000 Pictures

    “He was the most self-centered boyfriend, and totally unsupportive of his girlfriend’s career. He was supposed to be Andy’s biggest cheerleader, but instead, he made her chose between him and her career. What a loser!” —rissecortez

    11. Edward (Richard Gere) in Pretty Woman

    Touchstone Pictures

    “He’s a chauvinistic douchebag who feels the need to change the girl and shame her.” —pseudotumor

    12. Danny (John Travolta) in Grease

    Paramount Pictures

    “He pretended to be someone he wasn’t to get with her, then he was a dick to her in order to impress his friends. In the end, he accepts her only because she completely changed for him.” —mikolem

    13. Joey (Andrew Keegan) in 10 Things I Hate About You

    Touchstone Pictures

    “He’s an obnoxious narcissist who’s willing to pay a lot of money just so he could get with Bianca. He’s super sleazy and totally deserved that broken nose.”

    14. Jason (Tom Everett Scott) in Because I Said So

    Universal Pictures

    “He makes Mandy Moore’s character feel uncomfortable and bad about herself constantly.” —biancab4fef94982

    15. Rob (John Cusack) in High Fidelity

    “He treats his girlfriend like shit until she breaks up with him. Then he obsesses over winning her back, all the while trying to find out what he’s been doing wrong (and deciding it was always someone else’s fault). Because serial cheating wasn’t reason enough?” —caitlinm18

    16. Mark (Andrew Lincoln) in Love Actually

    Universal Pictures

    “He chooses to be a complete douche to his BEST FRIEND’s girlfriend/fiancé/wife throughout their entire relationship…because he’s in love with her? Like how? How can he be ‘in love’ with someone he never speaks to, isn’t even friends with, and generally treats like crap? And then the wedding video… Dude. Creepy as shit.” —ihateredroses

    17. Jesse (Skylar Astin) in Pitch Perfect

    Brownstone Productions (II)

    “I get it, he’s trying to be ‘cute’ or whatever, but Beca’s character is so independent and knows what she wants, she didn’t even need the relationship storyline to begin with. Jesse is constantly trying to change her into his ideal woman, because the person she is originally is not good enough for him. And, when she gets into trouble, he calls her dad, who she already has a strained relationship with. Not cool, bro.” —rashellew

    18. Harry (Jack Nicholson) in Something’s Gotta Give

    Columbia Pictures Corporation

    “The whole trope of ‘old-ass man sees the beauty and value of age-appropriate women but only after he’s satiated his taste for twentysomethings’ is stupid and played out. Who wouldn’t be into Diane Keaton? Is he supposed to get a medal for realizing at 63 what most people do/should by 40?” —danicak3

    19. Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) in The Other Woman

    Twentieth Century Fox

    “He had a wife, a girlfriend, another girlfriend, then went to Mexico (I think) to meet up with ANOTHER GIRL. This was all at the same time! Then when they all confronted him, he had like a nervous breakdown. He’s such a jerk.” —royairavani01

    20. Chris (Ryan Reynolds) in Just Friends

    Inferno Distribution

    “The dude treats women (including the girl he’s trying to get with) like absolute garbage because he spent years operating under the belief that if you treat a girl like a human being you’re automatically entitled to having sex with her, only to find out that (shocker!) that’s not the way it works.” —angelicaschurch

    21. Westley (Cary Elwes) in The Princess Bride

    Act III Communications

    “He’s really full of himself and he treats Buttercup likes she’s a dumbass. She is. But it’s still rude.” —kbredenbeck

    22. Steve (Matthew McConaughey) in The Wedding Planner

    Columbia Pictures

    “He character leads J.Lo on in the beginning, even though he’s engaged, and then pretty much blames her for his feelings. He confuses J.Lo and his poor fiancé the whole time. Despite the horrible character, I still love this movie and Matthew too. Guilty pleasure!” —victoriagraceg

    23. …and Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) in Failure to Launch

    Paramount Pictures

    “Actually, Matthew McConaughey in any movie he’s in.” —ryenmdetoro

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    How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

    1. A Shark makes you an offer that’s close to what you’re asking for—do you accept it or respectfully listen to all other offers?

      1. It depends on the Shark.

      2. ACCEPT IT!

      3. Even knowing you could lose the deal, try to respectfully listen to any other offers just in case.

    How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?


      1. Okay, let’s say you get a pretty good offer but you can feel there’s a lot of interest in the room. Would you try to get another Shark to go in on the deal?

        1. Hey, you have to try, right?

        2. No way!

      How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?


        1. Would you personally go the QVC/infomercial/big box store Lori route or would you instead take a licensing deal with Daymond?

          1. Via ABC

            Give me the Queen of QVC any day.

          2. Via ABC

            Daymond every. single. time.

        How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

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          1. Would you accept a Kevin royalty deal if he wasn’t taking a lot of equity and you really needed the cash?

            1. Probably not.

            2. If I was really desperate, maybe.

            3. Yes, assuming I wasn’t getting totally screwed.

          How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

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            1. Are Kevin’s anecdotes amazing, lame, or cruel?

              1. Lame, I can’t stand them.

              2. Cruel! Those poor people.

            How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

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              1. Do you kind of hate Chris Sacca?

                Because Mark Cuban def does.

                1. Yes.

                2. I don’t like him as a person, but he’s a good investor.

                3. What? No! He’s great!

              How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

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                1. How do you feel about Chris Sacca’s cowboy shirt collection?

                  1. Love ‘em.

                  2. Hate ‘em.

                  3. No strong opinion but I notice them every single time.

                  4. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

                How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

                  SHARE YOUR VOTE!

                  1. If it came down to it, would you drive off into the sunset in a race car with Robert Herjavec?

                    1. Yes, or surf into the sunrise.

                    2. No?

                  How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

                    SHARE YOUR VOTE!

                    1. Finally: If it came down to it, would you vote for Mark Cuban for President of the United States?

                      1. Yes

                      2. Depends who he was running against, I guess.

                      3. Absolutely not, this is what is wrong with America.

                    How Popular Are Your Opinions About Shark Tank?

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                      A Hacker Claims To Have Uploaded The New Season Of “Orange Is The New Black”

                      A hacker or hacking group has purportedly stolen episodes from the upcoming season of the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black and posted them online after the streaming service failed to pay a ransom.

                      According to the Associated Press, which first reported the news, a hacker using the name “The Dark Overlord” uploaded the first episode of the prison drama’s fifth season on Friday to an illegal file-sharing website. The hacker demanded Netflix pay a “modest” ransom in order for additional episodes not to be released, the AP reported.

                      But in a statement posted online early Saturday, the hacker said Netflix had been “unresponsive,” prompting them to release more episodes.

                      “With this information in mind (and the fact that leaving people on cliffhangers isn’t fun) we’ve decided to release Episodes 2-10 of “Orange Is The New Black” Season 5 after many lengthy discussions at the office where alcohol was present,” the message read.

                      The series’ 13-episode season was due to premiere on June 9. The hackers said they were only able to steal the first 10 episodes because the final three were still in post-production.

                      “It didn’t have to be this way, Netflix,” the hacker wrote. “You’re going to lose a lot more money in all of this than what our modest offer was.”

                      BuzzFeed News could not legally determine the validity of the episodes purportedly posted on the file-sharing website.

                      In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Netflix blamed the breach on a security compromise by a third-party production vendor.

                      “We are aware of the situation,” Netflix spokeswoman Karen Barragan said. “A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”

                      The hacker claimed to have more Netflix content that it may still upload, as well as content from ABC, National Geographic, Fox, and the Independent Film Channel.

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                      12 Facts About “The Handmaid's Tale” That Will Make You Say “Holy Shit”

                      1. Margaret Atwood makes a cameo in the pilot episode.

                      She’s the character who slaps June for not initially blaming another character for being raped.

                      2. The red outfits that the Handmaids wear in the book and TV adaptation are a nod to Mary Magdalene, a repentant sinner in the Bible.

                      3. Whereas the blue that the wives wear is meant to be a nod to the virgin Mary, and how she’s often shown in art as wearing blue.

                      George Kraychyk / Hulu

                      4. If you’re wondering about those names, “Offred,” “Ofglen,” “Oferic,” the Handmaids’ names denote which Commander owns them. (So, “Offred” is “of Fred,” for example.)

                      5. Reed Moran, who directed the first three episodes, was also a cinematographer on Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

                      She shot the “Sandcastles” portion of Lemonade.

                      7. The original title of the book was simply Offred.

                      Atwood changed the title, partly to honor Canterbury Tales and also as a nod to fairy tales.

                      8. In the book, Offred’s real name is never revealed, but many readers picked up on a scene in the book that mentions the name “June,” which is why we hear it in the TV series.

                      Atwood herself has said she never intended to name Offred “June,” but is fine with readers using it.

                      9. There’s a women’s march that occurs in The Handmaid’s Tale, which was filmed before Donald Trump was elected president and well before the actual Women’s March on Washington.

                      10. In the book, Serena Joy and her husband, the Commander, are much older than Offred, but the showrunner decided to make them the same age so that Serena and Offred would be in direct competition.

                      11. The Handmaid’s Tale has been translated into 40 different languages, and has a film, opera, and ballet version. It’s also currently being adapted into a graphic novel.

                      12. Margaret Atwood doesn’t consider her book entirely a work of fiction. She said of the plot, “Everything I wrote in that book was happening at that time, or had already happened.”

                      Atwood drew inspiration from 17th century puritan America, polygamy, Ceauçescu’s Romania where mandatory childbirth was enforced, and pushback against feminism happening in the ’70s and ’80s, among other things.

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                      The Fyre Festival Fiasco Was A Sign Of How Insane The Festival Market Has Become

                      1. Ja Rule and the people behind Fyre Festival were the subject of an epic dragging today after the would-be luxury getaway devolved into a nightmare disaster zone.

                      2. But it’s not totally surprising that a new music festival would go off the rails like this, especially in the context of the modern festival industry.

                      3. As festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo have helped turn what was once an alternative pastime into a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year, competition has intensified.

                      4. Big festivals have gone to extremes to stand out from the pack, offering deluxe amenities like personal chefs, catered cabanas, and 24/7 golf cart access.

                      Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

                      At Desert Trip, the classic rock Coachella spinoff last year, festival-goers could pay $179 for a “wine and food experience” featuring “a program of wineries crafted by [a] World Renowned sommelier.”

                      5. “You always have to be upping your game because the competition is so fierce,” said Janine Small, a lawyer who represents Bonnaroo and Outside Lands and has worked in music festivals for decades.

                      Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

                      6. For a new festival trying to lure customers from more established names, the pressure is even higher.

                      If the organizers don’t have a long track record, they may also have to pay more in expenses up front. In the last five years, some artists have started demanding their fees in advance to work with newcomers, according to Small, leaving the organizers desperate to make up the money in ticket sales. “It’s a real challenge for [promoters] to come up with that much money in advance, but that’s just the nature of how the beast has played out,” Small said.

                      7. And even if they don’t crash as spectacularly as Fyre did, failure among new festivals is pretty common. Even just putting on a modest, multi-day outdoor experience is insanely hard.

                      The dinner that @fyrefestival promised us was catered by Steven Starr is literally bread, cheese, and salad with dr…

                      — Tr3vor (@trev4president)

                      Many festivals take over a year to prepare, and given all of the expenses involved — including talent booking, property rental, permitting, insurance, sanitation, security, and event staff — it usually takes a few years before a new one sees its first profit. “The idea is that maybe you break even in year three,” Small said.

                      8. In 2002, the first Bonnaroo got notoriously out of hand, with up to 18-hour traffic jams on the road to the grounds in Manchester, Tennessee. And in 2014, the original producer of BottleRock festival in Napa Valley was forced to file for bankruptcy after failing to pay staff and sustaining $8 million in losses.

                      Alex Wong / Getty Images

                      9. “A lot of people out there think ‘I wanna get into this business because it’s a good way to rack up some money,’ and they don’t really realize all that’s involved,” said Small.

                      10. For the new generation of high-end festivals, Fyre Festival was a perfect “case study in what could go wrong.”

                      — Ja Rule (@Ruleyork)

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                      13 Photos Of The “American Gods” Cast Being Too Cute For Words

                      1. The cast of Starz’s American Gods came to play when they arrived at BuzzFeed’s SXSW photobooth! We supplied the tunes (specifically “Bang Bang”), they brought the energy!

                      William Callan for BuzzFeed News

                      Orlando Jones, Yetide Badaki, Ricky Whittle, and Bruce Langley

                      William Callan for BuzzFeed News

                      Emily Browning, Orlando Jones, Yetide Badaki, Ricky Whittle, and Bruce Langley

                      William Callan for BuzzFeed News

                      Yetide Badaki, Bruce Langley, and Ricky Whittle

                      William Callan for BuzzFeed News

                      Yetide Badaki, Bruce Langley, and Ricky Whittle

                      William Callan for BuzzFeed News

                      Orlando Jones, Yetide Badaki, Bruce Langley, and Ricky Whittle

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                      “Grey's Anatomy” Almost Had A Completely Different Name

                      1. Friends, I’m here to remind you that once upon a time there was a world where Grey’s Anatomy didn’t exist yet.

                      2. Back in 2005, TV was a little boring because Friends had recently ended and everyone was like, “Hmm…what should I watch now?”

                      3. Little did we know, Shonda Rhimes was about to blow all of our damn minds with the most *iconic* medical drama of our time. (Fight me, ER fans.)

                      4. But the original show concept was pretty different from the show we all know and love today. As reported by Elle, Shonda Rhimes recently led a Masterclass on TV writing and spilled lots of fun facts about her early vision for Grey’s Anatomy.

                      5. For starters, the original working title for the show was NOT Grey’s Anatomy. It was…Surgeons!

                      6. What???? Is that like Friends, but they’re S.U.R.G.E.O.N.S. instead??? That’s a no from me.

                      (Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, you almost killed a guy todaaaaaay.)

                      7. Shonda also revealed that Alex Karev wasn’t even in the original concept, and his character was added into the show after the pilot was already shot.

                      8. And in more weird news, the show almost didn’t take place in Seattle. Originally, Shonda had her sights on a bigger city like NYC, Boston or Philly.

                      No ferry boats???? That’s a huge problem.

                      9. Luckily, all of these little things were tweaked to give us the Grey’s Anatomy we all know and love today. Show of hands if this just made you want to go watch it all over again…

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                      This Is What It's Like At The First-Ever Horror Film Festival At The “Shining” Hotel

                      Thursday, April 27

                      You know that infamous mistake in the opening scene of The Shining, where you can see the shadow of a helicopter following the car carrying the Torrance family up to the Overlook Hotel? All I could think today as I made my trek to the Timberline Lodge on Oregon’s Mt. Hood — which stood in for the exterior of the Overlook in The Shining — was how much I wish I were being carried to the top by helicopter. Turns out, I did not heed warnings to dress for snowy conditions — and I was shivering.

                      I’ve made the 12-hour plane-cab-bus journey to the Timberline for the first-ever Overlook Film Festival, a four-day horror festival with film screenings, panels, and an emphasis on immersive experiences designed to scare the crap out of you. I snagged my pass as a horror fan and a longtime devotee of The Shining; to be honest, I don’t need an excuse to hole up in a hotel for a few days and watch a dozen horror movies in a row, but it’s always nice to have a little added incentive.

                      My room at the Timberline is lovely and cozy (and not in that euphemistic way that just means small). There’s even a fireplace I plan on figuring out how to use before I leave. What struck me upon entering was a piece of paper on my bedside table with some weird symbols drawn on it. Ah, yes, I remembered. The game. Before I arrived here, I signed up for an all-weekend interactive game — and the festival organizers clearly wasted no time getting that started.

                      Just after settling into my room, I had my first event of the festival: orientation. Details about the game were pretty hush-hush beforehand, and orientation only cleared things up a tiny bit. I don’t want to say too much while it’s currently happening, but basically it involves finding clues, talking to the right people, and locating some dangerous person of interest who is allegedly wandering the grounds. It was at orientation that I realized fairly quickly that I… am not well-suited for this game. It’s possible that I’m not well-suited for any game! The two things I’m worst at are solving puzzles and interacting with strangers, so, uh, we’re at a bit of a standstill here. Nevertheless, I took a few photos of items around the lobby that looked like they could be possibly relevant to the game, and I’m definitely still playing, if anyone asks.

                      After orientation I had a quick break, so I went back to my room for a short nap and to deal with my anxiety over being snowed in. We’re not actually snowed in, but the view from my window was bleak enough to spook me. Yes, I wanted the full Shining experience, but, you know, with some remove.

                      I brushed off my unease and made it to my first screening of the weekend, Akiva Goldsman’s Stephanie. The movie itself was a solid start to the festival: The titular character (Shree Crooks) has been abandoned by her parents and forced to defend herself against a mysterious force that seems out to get her. And there are some fun twists that kept me engaged.

                      After the screening, there was a party, but I was too hungry for “satanic burlesque,” which was a thing that was happening. I ran into my friend Troy, who works for IFC Midnight, and we grabbed food at the Ram’s Head Bar. Delirious from my day of travel, I began to wonder if Troy had been recruited as an actor in the game and I was somehow missing the obvious signs. If the movie The Game taught me anything, it’s that literally everyone is involved and there will be serious continuity errors.

                      And here’s where things got really strange. After we parted ways, I walked back to my room and discovered two raspberry jam bars waiting for me on a plate next to the TV. Is it possible they’d been there the whole time and I just missed them? Is this, again, another part of the game? (The best kind of clues are the ones you can eat.) Am I being poisoned by ghosts who know I can’t resist a raspberry jam bar? It definitely felt like some kind of test — and one that I immediately failed by eating the bars. (Around this time, I also found a hot-water bottle under the covers. I do not remember it being there during my nap. What I’m saying is, I’m not not being haunted.)

                      As I checked my email before bed, I noticed a strange request to meet in a certain room at 1 a.m. Finally, a clear instruction from the game! But I was exhausted and in my pajamas. As my eyes closed, I wondered (somewhat hopefully) if I’d be disqualified.

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