24 Facts About Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally That'll Make You Love Them Even More

1. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally met in 2000 while doing a play in Los Angeles called The Berlin Circle.

2. At the time, Megan was 41 and assumed Nick was in his late 30s. Hoping to date someone closer to her age, she was pissed when she found out he was 29.

3. Not only that, but Nick was currently crashing on a couch in someone’s basement while Megan had just finished Season 2 of Will & Grace.

4. Because Nick didn’t have a TV, he had never seen an episode of her show.

5. Nick found Megan hilarious, so eventually he asked for her number. She accidentally gave him her fax.

6. They tried to avoid entering a relationship while working together, but one night after rehearsal they ended up making out in a car for two hours while listening to Beck.

7. Megan “invited” Nick to be her boyfriend at a Glen Campbell concert on the 4th of July.

8. He wore a pair of yellow overalls to their first dinner date and even tucked his napkin into them.

9. Megan made Nick wait four months before having sex with him because she wanted to be sure he was the real deal.

10. One time she refused to let him in her bed for a couple nights because of an awful hair cut he had for a role.

11. After 18 months of dating, Nick proposed to Megan in London in 2002.

12. The woodworker that he is, Nick hand carved a heart-shaped box to hold Megan’s engagement ring.

13. In September 2003, Megan and Nick invited twenty of their closest friends and family over for what their guests thought was an Emmys party, but was actually their wedding.

14. They decided to keep their wedding a secret after Megan’s Will & Grace co-star Debra Messing’s wedding was crashed by paparazzi.

15. Speaking of Will & Grace, once Nick and Megan were together he made it to almost every single taping of the show.

16. He even made a cameo in a Thanksgiving episode where he played a plumber who got to make out with Megan’s character Karen Walker.

17. Years later, Nick landed an NBC sitcom role of his own at the age of 39 — the same age Megan was when she got her big part on Will & Grace.

18. When Nick got the news he’d be playing Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, Megan revealed to him a note she had written six months earlier that said, “Nick is getting this job on The Office spinoff.”

19. Nick and Megan genuinely enjoy working together and have done so several times, but perhaps most famously as Ron Swanson and Tammy 2 on Parks & Rec.

20. They tried to have kids, but when it didn’t happen they decided it wasn’t meant to be. However, they are parents to tiny poodles.

21. In their spare time, Nick and Megan like to do weird jigsaw puzzles while listening to audiobooks.

22. They’ve also admitted to watching Survivor and The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

23. They’ve said the key to their marriage is never taking a job that’ll keep them apart for more than two weeks.

24. That, and sex.

Jeffree Star Criticized Kim Kardashian And Her Fans Clapped Back By Bringing Up His Racist Past

All of the videos have been deleted, but if it’s on the Internet, there are always receipts. Just FYI here are some of the fucked up things he said:

“I win by having diamond rims, and you win by being a poor Mexican.”

“Shut up, you fucking n***** bitch!”

“You stupid ape.”

He even joked about throwing battery acid in a black woman’s face to “lighten her skin tone.”

The “Bachelor In Paradise” Premiere Ended On A Cliffhanger

On June 11, Warner Bros., which produces the Bachelor franchise for ABC, suspended production on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise in order to investigate what the studio called “allegations of misconduct.” It soon became clear — through leaks and reports — that the alleged incident was sexual, and the focus was on cast members DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios.

Nine days later, Warner Bros. announced it had completed its investigation, and that it had found no evidence for “any charge of misconduct by a cast member.” Production resumed soon after.

The premiere of Bachelor in Paradise wasted no time in its Monday premiere addressing the allegations of sexual assault that nearly scuttled the season. But the show then stretched the salacious events over two hours — and eventually two nights — alluding to and promoting the controversy before commercial breaks. It then ended on a cliffhanger, with producers approaching cast members Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, presumably to pull them away from filming. The crew was shown literally putting cameras down.

“Everyone’s very confused right now,” said contestant Danielle Maltby. “It’s kind of like a chill fell over Paradise.”

With a long shot pulling away from the Playa Escondida resort in Sayulita, Mexico, the show then teased Tuesday night’s episode. “Tomorrow night on Bachelor in Paradise,” intoned host Chris Harrison, “The Bachelors and Bachelorettes returned to Mexico.” It shows them as a group, presumably discussing the shutdown: “Do you want to be here?” Harrison asks the cast.

At the top of the show, audio snippets reporting on the show’s shutdown played over images of an empty beach. Harrison, the show’s longtime host, then addressed the situation, telling the audience: “As many of you already know, this was the season of Paradise that looked like it might not happen. After two days of shooting, we decided to suspend production. Yes, there was trouble in Paradise as accusations and allegations ran wild. It was an extraordinarily stressful and emotional time for our cast and all of our crew, including myself.”

On the premiere, Jackson and Olympios were introduced as members of the cast, both talking to Harrison about their hopes for the season. Olympios was welcomed as the life of the party; Jackson, on the other hand, was greeted warily, both by Harrison and by fellow cast members. (He had been forced to leave Rachel Lindsay’s recent season after a woman who said she was his girlfriend came on the show to confront him.)

Soon, Olympios and Jackson were shown drinking and flirting with each other — and then making out in the pool. Another contestant, Alex Woytkiw, narrated the events as he watched Olympios — still clothed, but swimming — and Jackson. “She is fully dressed, in the pool right now with DeMario. This is so romantic,” he said sarcastically. “It is approximately 4:30 in the afternoon right now.”

According to a lengthy interview Jackson did with E! News in late June, Olympios was the instigator of their sexual encounter. He made sure the cameras were following him, he said: “Because when you’re a man, mostly an African-American man, no matter where you’re at, you always look for things that can help you out.” He told E! that they got naked in the pool, and that Olympios had put her “lady parts” in his face. He also said that though he wasn’t drunk, nor was Olympios, he had been unable to achieve an erection.

Two producers filed complaints about the alleged incident, questioning Olympios’ ability to consent, causing the shutdown. Despite its truncated production schedule, ABC will air a nine-episode season of Bachelor in Paradise. And Jackson and Olympios have both been invited to film the reunion episode, which Olympios said last month she would attend.

On the show, the footage of their escalating sexual encounter was not shown, which Warner Bros. had said would be the case when it cleared Jackson of wrongdoing. “Out of respect for the privacy interests of those involved, we do not intend to release the videotape of the incident,” the studio wrote in its statement.

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34 Facts About Mila Kunis That You Might Not Have Known Before

1. Mila got her and Ashton’s wedding rings from Etsy. Hers was $90, and Ashton’s was $100.

2. When Mila’s family moved from Ukraine to America, her parents told her they were moving “up the street.”

3. Mila’s first acting job was in a Barbie commercial.

4. Mila likes to have a “geriatric dinner,” which she describes as having dinner between 5:30 to 6 p.m.

5. Mila debuted on Forbes‘ Most Powerful Celebs in 2013 at number 89.

6. Mila and Ashton Kutcher’s relationship began as friends with benefits.

7. Mila has heterochromia — one eye is brown and the other is hazel green.

8. Mila had chronic uveitis, which caused temporary blindness in one of her eyes. This was until she got surgery to correct it.

9. Mila used to work at Rite Aid with her mom after she picked her up from That ’70s Show filming.

10. Mila can speak Russian but can’t read it.

11. The first book Mila read in English was Return to Oz.

12. Ashton frequently comes to Mila’s shootings and she will tell him to stay at home if she has to film a sex scene.

13. The most common thing Mila hears from fans is “Shut up, Meg“, which is a reference to her Family Guy character.

14. Mila was Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2012.

15. Mila has a fake Instagram account.

16. Mila hasn’t watched more than one or two full episodes of ’70s Show.

17. Mila and Ashton shared 19 on-screen kisses during ’70s Show. Ashton was also her first kiss.

18. When Mila auditioned for the role of Meg in Family Guy, she had to come back for a second and third audition after being asked to enunciate and slow down her speech.

19. Mila wanted a role on a show called Sunset Beach, an NBC soap set in Orange County, before she became Jackie on ’70s Show.

20. One day, Mila helped out her friend by working at Natural Wonders for a day when one of the employees called in sick. This was around the third season of ’70s Show, so many people recognized her.

21. Mila was 14 when she started ’70s Show.

22. Mila read the script for Black Swan three times in one sitting.

23. Mila likes to play “World of Warcraft.”

24. Mila used to bartend on the side for free.

25. Mila never auditioned for the role of Lily in Black Swan, but was referred by Natalie Portman and got the part after a Skype chat.

26. Mila learned how to use a gun while shooting Max Payne.

27. When Mila was 11, she was on an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, and Chuck Norris taught her how to throw a punch.

28. In 2016, Mila renovated her parents’ condo using Houzz, an online forum that helps users in landscape design and home improvement.

29. Mila and Ashton go on dates and try to make the effort not to talk about the kids.

30. In 2011, Mila attended a Marine Corps Ball celebrating it’s 236th birthday after being asked by Sgt. Scott Moore.

31. Wilder Valderrama taught Mila how to drive.

32. Mila credits Judd Apatow for expanding her career after ’70s Show with a role on Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

33. Mila briefly attended Loyola Marymount University before withdrawing.

34. Mila will get each of her kids only one gift for Christmas because their grandparents spoil them.