23 Throwback Pictures From The Early Days Of Hip-Hop

In metropolitan centers like New York City and London, a new style of music and fashion was brewing among youth in the late 1970s and ’80s. Inspired by the creative and freestyle attitude of graffiti and breakdancing, these bold expressions laid the cultural foundation for years to come. These pictures capture some of the styles, trends, and iconic moments from the early days of hip-hop.

A Man At A Metallica Concert Peed On A Family During A Show In Arizona

A New Mexico man was arrested for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure after a 10-year-old girl and her parents said he urinated on them during a Metallica concert.

The concertgoers were attending Friday’s gig at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona, when Daniel Francis Daddio, 44, from Albuquerque, allegedly urinated on the family, whose seats were in front of his, around 9 p.m.

The family is unnamed in court documents, but quotes from the father’s statement to Arizona state troopers describe the moment when “all three of his family members felt warm liquid washing over their backs and legs.”

When the dad turned around to see where the liquid came from, “he observed Daniel Francis Daddio standing behind them in the row of seats just above theirs with his penis out of his pants and in his hands… Daddio was urinating on all three of his family members,” the documents state.

The horrified father told authorities he “confronted Daddio concerning the urination on his 10-year-old daughter, at which time Daddio just shrugged.”

After the parents notified stadium employees of the incident, two Arizona state troopers arrived to investigate.

“Two troopers responded and they contacted the wife and daughter. Minutes later, the two witnesses pointed out a man walking out of stands into concessions area and informed troopers he was the man who urinated on them,” Bart Graves, a public information officer for the state troopers, told BuzzFeed News.

Daddio was arrested at 9.30 p.m. He was “heavily intoxicated at the time of his arrest” and denied the incident occurred, according to court documents.

Troopers found a ticket for the Metallica concert in his possession that confirmed his seat was located directly behind the family.

Daddio could not be reached for comment. He appeared for his initial arraignment in the superior court of Maricopa County on Aug. 5.

It’s unknown if the incident occurred during a performance of One, with its lyric often misheard as “tied to machines that make me pee.”

Ashley Graham Just Got Real AF And Acknowledged Her White Privilege As A Curve Model

Lee has also used her success to speak up about the lack of race and body diversity in fashion. “Being black and being plus is something that is a rare combo within this industry at this level, and I feel like it’s important to continue to excel and progress so there can continue to be more and more and more,” she told Elle, shortly after she appeared in the same SI with Graham on the cover. “Us doing this, this happening right now, is going to allow girls that are teenagers now, for it to be normal for them. That is what a real revolution is.”

Pretend To Go To A Celebrity High School And We'll Tell You How Popular You'd Be

You got: You’d fit in with the emo kids!

Your eyeliner game is oh so strong and while you’re hardly one of the popular kids in school, your the coolest kids at a gig. You and your close friends are just counting down the days ’til you finally leave and can be valued for your true selves.

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You got: You’d be a partier!

You’re not in the ~inner~ circle but you’re around it. You just wanna have a good time and you’re friends with basically everyone in every clique.

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You got: You’d be a stoner!

You’d be totally over all things high school and find some down-to-earth friends to do nothing but chill out with. You aren’t the most popular kids in school but people leave you to your business, as long as you willing to share once in awhile.

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You got: You’d be one of popular kids!

You just exude cool. People want to be you or at least be seen with you.

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You got: You’d be a nerdy kid!

Of course you befriended your fellow nerds. You value your schoolwork and you’re into all the cliche comic books and superheroes. But hey, nerd culture is cool now, haven’t you heard?

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You got: You’d be a theatre kid!

You’d channel your big personality into the theatre arts. You and your friends have a flair for all things drama and let’s face it, no one is having a better time than you. What better way to shake off all that teen angst than by making the world your stage?

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Ellen Got Into A Scooter Accident On Her TV Show And You Need To See It (Don't Worry, She And The Scooter Are Fine)

“So what happened was, the way you make it go, there’s a little thing you hook your finger in. And uh, I had forgotten that’s what makes it go, so my finger was hooked in, so I was like full speed at two miles an hour, and — but my knee got caught and I was trying to get off of it. And I was still, I was still kind of going, and I realized, ‘Oh, it’s still going. I’m stuck.'”

36 Thoughts You Have Every Time You Watch “Good Bones” On HGTV

1. I had no idea Indianapolis was so…trendy?

2. And the houses are so cheap!

3. I mean, I bet I could buy a house for like $10k like Mina and Karen do and at least fix it up enough to be habitable.

4. Actually NVM, I forgot I can’t even use a hammer properly.

5. Karen seems like the best mom.

6. Can Karen be my mom?

7. I just want to have tea with Karen and her dogs and talk about like, the color of our auras or something.

8. Honestly their family tree is so big and complicated, I could probably just slip in there and they wouldn’t even notice.

9. They’d be like, “Who are you?” and I’d be like, “Duh, I’m your nephew Andy” and they’d just be like, “OK that sounds about right.”

10. I love every dramatic shot of Tad’s Demo Crew walking down the street.

11. I would hire Tad’s Demo Crew to just follow me around and make me look tough.

12. Honestly, I love Tad, but it’s a miracle that he hasn’t accidentally killed someone yet during demo day.

13. I just sit and make concerned noises at my television whenever he does something dangerous.

14. Like, put on a hard hat at least, Tad!

15. Summary of every demo day:

Tad: “I’m gonna do this dangerous thing because it’ll look cool.”

Mina: “Tad, no.”

Tad: “Tad YES.”

16. Mina will never not be wearing a T-shirt with something Indiana-related on it.

17. Looks like Karen found another “treasure” in this house. I swear, she’s going to accidentally uncover a cursed object someday.

18. She’ll think it’s like a hat rack or something but it’ll be some kind of ancient totem.

19. And obviously Karen believes in positive energy so she definitely doesn’t want that.

20. I’ve watched a lot of HGTV but I swear this is the only show where they have to LIFT UP ENTIRE HOUSES ON A JACK on a regular basis.

21. If the current trend continues, Tad’s beard should reach the ground by Season 4.

22. And his shirts will have negative sleeves.

23. I don’t know where Sanders St. is, but it must be filled with beautiful houses by now.

24. Seriously, I think Mina and Karen have purchased every single house on this street.

25. Can we talk about how much of a freakin’ BOSS Mina is?

26. Mina framing walls and ordering around a bunch of men gives me life.

27. But my favorite thing is when Karen operates heavy machinery.

28. Thanks to Good Bones, I now feel like I’m an expert on the Bates-Hendricks area.

29. Oh, and Fountain Square!

30. Bless Mina and Karen forever for painting their houses fun colors that aren’t just grey and white.

31. I will buy every single bright green or purple house from them, I swear.

32. Time to show the house to some “prospective buyers!”

33. Every prospective buyer on this show is a cute hipster couple.

34. I feel like none of these buyers actually buy the houses though which is unfair because I WANT ONE.

35. Maybe if I buy one of their houses, Karen will make me some kind of plant-based DIY craft.

36. Or adopt me.

Live Updates: Taylor Swift's Attorney Says DJ's Alleged Butt Grab “Was An Assault”

Taylor Swift’s legal team on Tuesday began walking jurors through a 2013 backstage photo shoot where the singer alleges a disc jockey reached under her skirt and grabbed her butt.

“It was an assault and Ms. Swift reported it,” the singer’s attorney, Douglas Baldridge, said. “She has been in tens of thousands of meet-and-greets, including going out in the crowds, and she never had this happen.”

Swift and the DJ, David Mueller, are in federal court in Denver for lawsuits they filed against each other over the allegations.

Mueller was first to file his lawsuit in 2015, claiming the allegations were false and led to his being fired. Swift followed with a lawsuit of her own against Mueller, alleging sexual assault.

Now, two years later, the jury of two men and six women will decide who’s telling the truth.

In his opening statement Tuesday, Mueller’s attorney, Gabriel McFarland, told jurors that sexual assault is clearly wrong, but so is “falsely accusing someone” of inappropriately touching.

“David Mueller unequivocally denies he touched her inappropriately in anyway,” McFarland said. “No inappropriate contact that is Mr. Mueller’s position.”

A piece of evidence that will play a central role in the trial is a photograph obtained by TMZ and sealed by the court that shows Mueller standing next to Swift with his hand behind her and below her waist.

Swift’s attorneys have called the image “damning” proof, but legal experts say that since the photo doesn’t actually show any groping, the case will rest heavily on credibility.

Swift’s contention, McFarland said, is that they met and then “30 seconds he’s got his hand up her skirt.”

“I don’t know what kind of person would do that,” he told the court. “There were 10 people in the room in and not one of them said they saw anything.”

Swift has argued she has no motivation to make up the allegation, and is fighting Mueller in court to ”serve as an example” to other women who have been assaulted.

“What possible motivation would Taylor Swift have to make up a story?” Baldridge said. “Ms. Swift will get on the stand and tell you that she is absolutely certain that David Mueller grabbed her rear.”

In court documents, Mueller said he voluntarily passed a polygraph in which he denied inappropriate contact with Swift, but at the end of the day, “it is his word against hers,” Howard King, who has represented Dr. Dre, Metallica, and Lil Wayne, told BuzzFeed News before the trial.

Unlike a criminal case, the jury of eight don’t have to reach a decision beyond a reasonable doubt. Instead, they must only be convinced by a “preponderance of the evidence” in order for one side to prevail, or as one attorney put it, “50% and a feather.”

Swift’s team said they went to Mueller’s management, and not police, in an effort to keep the incident under the radar, but that all changed when the DJ filed his lawsuit.

“What is at stake is, will this man be able to stifle a young woman’s ability to report a sexual assault?” Baldridge told jurors. “If this person cannot stand up and serve as an example to other young women who have been sexually assaulted, then who can?”

—Claudia Rosenbaum