52 Thoughts I Had Watching “Game Of Thrones” This Week, Including “DREAM TEAM”

1. Oh crap, Eastwatch is on the opening credits map.

2. And there was no “nudity” tag this week, just “violence.”

3. That usually means lots of bad things happening to people.

4. Bronn must be an excellent swimmer to drag Jaime’s heavy ass this far.

5. DAMN Drogon is looking badass up there on that rock.

6. Daenerys: “Bend the knee.”

Army: “Nah.”


Army: “I meant yes, hell yeah team Dany woo let’s do this.”

7. “I’m not beheading anyone.” OH SHIT THEY’RE GONNA BE DINNER.

8. Or just ashes. Fried Tarly nuggets.

9. I love how Cersei and Jaime obliquely acknowledge how much of a shit Joffrey was. “If you were Olenna, who would you rather have had Margaery marry? Joffrey or Tommen?”

10. Oh crap Drogon smells Targaryen on Jon!

11. Dany’s smart, calling back to that dagger thing.

12. “Hey, remember when you said you got stabbed? That seemed important. Let’s circle back on that.”

13. Jorah’s back!

14. Oh and he is JEALOUS of Jon right now.

15. Damn, the Night King is still terrifying.

16. Old dusty white men sitting around a table deciding things. Looks familiar.

17. This “I’m not the one doing it” speech is hitting home too. A depressingly timely speech.

18. Oh god almighty, Tyrion, this is a terrible idea.

19. “Bring the dead to her.” HOW?

20. Nope. Bad idea.


22. Between Jon and Jorah going north and Tyrion and Davos going to King’s Landing, SOMEONE we love is going to die.

23. Uh, whoa, Arya, chill. You just got home and you’re dragging up the past?

24. Lotta accusations coming from a girl who assassinates people left and right.

25. Awwww, Bronn set up the meeting!

26. Oh. My. God. Wait.

27. Flea Bottom…blacksmiths…

28. This whole time we were wondering where he rowed off to, and he was right in fucking King’s Landing.

29. Of course nobody recognized him, he’s got a buzz cut now.

30. Oh fuck yeah, I’m ready to see Gendry fight with a big-ass hammer.

31. I love that we’re seeing Davos work his smuggler magic.


33. “He’ll do.” Fuck yeah he will.

34. Oh dammit Cersei’s pregnant.

35. Well, let’s hope this one’s not a complete sociopath.

36. Oh my god, Arya and Gendry are gonna reunite. Oh my god.


38. Y’all I’m really proud of Gilly and her reading progress.


40. Well, that’s the of that then. Hope Sam stole some good books.

41. Counting down the minutes until Arya just murders Littlefinger.

42. Aha, he’s trying to cover his tracks and get rid of the message that incriminates him in the whole damn thing.

43. That, or he’s trying to burn one of his sexts to Catelyn.

44. OH NO.

45. OK, that was a good move, Littlefinger.

46. Tormund’s on fire tonight.


48. Oh my god. So Jon, Jorah, Gendry, Tormund, and the Hound? That’s a hell of a raid team.



51. Wait, this means that even MORE of our favorite people are going on this horribly dangerous mission.

52. Shit.

Justin Bieber Messaged A Gym About A Woman And People Are Shook

Gober said she didn’t know what to think and immediately called her mum and boyfriend.

“My boyfriend and family basically think the same thing I do, that it is very random and shocking. The fact that it has gone viral is not anything we would have ever expected! Everyone was definitely surprised that a celebrity reached out asking who I was,” she said.

She said she was a fan of Bieber when she was younger, but hasn’t followed him in the last few years.

People Who Were Really Emo In High School Have Seen 23/30 Of These Movies

People Who Were Really Emo In High School Have Seen 23/30 Of These Movies

You were NOT emo, but maybe you enjoy a ~deep~ or ~sad~ movie every once in a while. Either way, you should definitely check out more of these!

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You were DEFINITELY a part of the emo scene and loved everything about it, but maybe you got a little more caught up in the music, rather than the awesome movies of the subculture. Get on the ones you missed, there are some great ones!

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You were (and probably still are) EMO AS FUCK. You can quote all of these films and probably had a few of their posters in your room as a teen (or still do as an adult… no judgement, I do too). If you don’t identify with being emo but got this result, you got some soul-searching to do… or, you know, maybe you just really like ~emo~ movies. Either way, keep doing you, Boo.

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