Shyla Watson

Wait, Is This Alexander Skarsgard's Ghost Instagram Account?

Now, hold on, I know what you’re thinking. I, too, am a huge fan of his and want to follow him on social media, so I was disappointed to discover that when you search his name on Instagram, you just get a bunch of fan accounts, not a verified one, which — in this day and age — usually means that we have to resort to Googling to find candid shots of our fave celebs. BUT WAIT! Here’s where it gets juicy.

Margaret Atwood Wants Drake To Make A Cameo On “The Handmaid's Tale” And If It Doesn't Happen We'll Riot

I haven’t met Drake, but I have of course met people who have met Drake. But you have to realize how o-l-d I am. I’m not likely to go to the same parties. Or many parties at all, to be frank.

Wouldn’t it be fun for him to have a cameo in season two of The Handmaid’s Tale?

There you have it. I’ll drop that notion into the ear of Bruce Miller, the showrunner, and see what he can do with that, because of course the show is filmed in Toronto. Maybe Drake could help smuggle someone?

Annie Lennox Shared An Important Message After A Radio Station Mistook Her For A New Artist

The letter reads:

Dear Annie Lennox,

Kylie here from (blurred out) Radio Los Angeles!

I came across your music on line and really like what I heard! I’m the New Music Coordinator for a station that has over 100,000 unique listeners each month.

I find artists who I think have potential and get them in rotation on our station. If you’d like, please send over the MP3 for your latest single. I’ll forward it to Glenn our program director here at (blurred out) to see if he’s interested in putting it in rotation.

Also, what sort of support campaign do you have going on for your single (press, video, licensing, etc)? I only ask because we are connected to an artist development firm that can also get you onto 150 radio stations worldwide and provide support for press, video, retail and licensing. The best part is, if they really like your music, they’ll cover all of the marketing expenses. You can check them out at (blurred website). Please let them know Kylie referred you and you should be in.

Let me know your thoughts and be sure to send me that MP3!



John Legend Won A Spelling Bee Back In The Day, Proving That He Really Can Do It All

An excerpt from the original 1989 story, first reported by the Springfield News-Sun, proves that John was just as dapper as he is now, but was no-nonsense when it came to winning, always having is eye on the prize.

The suit and tie, the steady gaze, the crisp enunciation – John Stephens came the win the Springfield District Spelling Bee Thursday, and win he did.

The only contestant who wore a suit and tie, John, 10, strode to the microphone, looked pronouncer Dwayne Frank in the eye and correctly spelled “prejudice” to take home the title of Springfield spelling champ.

His mother uses curriculum from Springfield Christian Schools to teach John and his siblings, Ronald II, Vaughn, and Missy, in their Lexington Ave. home.

Ed Sheeran Couch Surfed With Celebs Before He Was Famous And The Stories Are Amazing

Apparently back in 2010, Ed bought a one-way ticket to LA in hopes of making it big. He stopped by Jamie’s satellite radio show, “The Foxxhole,” and introduced himself as an aspiring singer. After doing an impromptu audition, Foxx invited Sheeran back to his ~crib~ to stay, until he essentially got his shit together.

Even though Jamie let him crash, he had to make sure that Ed was worthy. Apparently Foxx told him, “Listen man, I think you’ve got the goods but I’ve got to check you out.”