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Madelaine Petsch From “Riverdale” Took A Bunch Of Questions From Her Fans And The Answers Are Great


And, before getting cast on Riverdale, Madelaine had a bunch of different jobs.

She worked at both a political consulting firm and a hookah lounge, as well as took jobs as a barista, a hostess, a waitress, and a personal assistant to a photographer.

She added that episode 6 of the upcoming second season features one of Cheryl’s “coolest scenes.” (Mark your calendars!!)

It was very terrifying but so amazing and so cool. And, the things that my character gets to do — I never thought I would even be able to do these kinds of things for a TV show.


Fans always assume that she’s a lot like Cheryl, but that’s a total misconception.

“People really think that I’m Cheryl in real life, but what you have to realize is that when someone’s playing a television character, they’re not actually that character in real life. Somebody’s writing for me. But, when I’m off set, I’m the weirdo Madelaine that you all know.”


Lastly, like most of us these days, she’s a chronic binge-watcher.

In addition to Rick and Morty, she loves Netflix’s Travelers and is “dying to see the next season.” As for movies, her favorites include American Beauty, Fight Club, and American Psycho, but “obviously Harry Potter is always #1.”

Apparently Prince's Favorite Color Wasn't Even Purple And I Feel Lied To

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But, before I tell you what it was and shatter everything that you thought was true, why don’t you try to guess for yourself?

  1. Red



  2. Orange



  3. Pink



  4. Yellow



  5. Green



  6. Blue



  7. Black



  8. White



  9. Gold



Simon Cowell Joked About Mel B's Marriage On “AGT,” So She Threw A Drink In His Face And Stormed Off Stage

The comment was particularly insensitive as Mel B is currently going through a MESSY AF divorce. The former Spice Girl accused husband Stephen Belafonte of physical and emotional abuse, blackmail, and claimed that her soon-to-be ex had an affair and impregnated their nanny before forcing her to get an abortion. Mel has filed a restraining order and has fought the judge’s order of $40k a month in spousal support.

Apparently The Guys Who Invented The Washing Machine Have A Famous Great Granddaughter

Apparently, it’s likely that the Upton Machine Company — which was later known as The Nineteen Hundred Washing Company before it became Whirlpool — sold washing machines before Hurley, but just on a smaller scale, which is why Hurley/Fisher is often incorrectly credited as the inventor. (And yes, this 1921 ad is extremely sexist.)

A Trailer For Season 2 Of “Riverdale” Just Dropped And It's Juicy AF

Archie can be overheard saying, “What if he comes back?” Maybe the “he” that he’s referring to is the masked man with a gun, who could be a Serpent, the man who shot his father, or both, tbh. Also, does he have the gun to protect himself, or is he going on some kind of deadly rampage against the person who shot his father? IDK, guys, I.D.K.

Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Are Going To Play “Dysfunctional Twins” In A Movie They Co-Wrote

According to an interview Lawrence did with the New York Times back in 2015, the friendship started after JLaw saw Amy’s movie debut: “I emailed her after I saw Trainwreck and said, ‘I don’t know where to get started. I guess I should just say it: I’m in love with you.’ We started emailing, and then emailing turned to texting.”