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10 Things That Happened On Talk Shows This Week That You Seriously Need To See

The actor and his wife, Amelia Warner, currently have two daughters. On expecting his third child, he joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “Part of me feels like, you know, to put a cork in it after this. But then, alternatively, I feel like we make really great kids and maybe we’ll just, if my wife is willing to, do it until we can’t.”

96 Thoughts I Had About Last Night's “Riverdale,” And Half Of Them Are “WTF Ethel????”

25. I lied before. They’re the only couple I care about!!!

26. I will go down with this ship.

27. “My boyfriend.” Girl. Ethel. The jig is up.

28. Wait, it’s called The Farm? That’s not just, like, a location?

29. “Sorry, Betty. You’ll never be worthy, no matter how hard you try.” 💀💀💀


31. That’s not even shade. Ethel just straight up threw ice at Betty’s face and I am living!

32. Reggie, what is the purpose of you being shirtless right now?

33. (Not that I’m complaining or anything 😏.)

34. “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.” I honestly can’t right now.

35. This show will be the death of me.

11 Things That Happened On Talk Shows This Week That You Need To See

Jonah told Ellen, “I think everybody has a version of themselves — I call it a snapshot — at some point in your life, of the person you are, you’re trying to kind of hide from the world or makes you feel a certain way. And even if you get success, or you grow up, or you become good-looking, or whatever, the things that you think will fix the thing, you carry some part of that with you.”