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If You're Having “The Bachelor” Withdrawals, You Need To Watch This New Facebook Dating Show

You know how in horror movies the dumb cheerleader goes to check out the sound she hears in the dark basement, and you scream at her to stop, but she can’t hear you because it’s a movie? Yea, well that doesn’t happen here because you get a vote!

RelationShipped is unique in that it’s interactive. Not only did viewers vote on which guy they wanted to see “get RelationShipped,” but they also have the opportunity to vote on dates the couples should go on, which girls get put in the house, and more!

Serena Williams's Wedding Was Practically An Award Show Because It Was Full Of Celebs

“You are the greatest of all time, not just in sport — I’m talking about as a mother and as a wife. I am so excited to write so many more chapters of our fairy tale together. And my whole life I didn’t even realize it, but I was waiting for this moment. And everything that I have done, everything that I am so proud of in my career, and in my life, for the last 34 years, pales in comparison to what we’re doing today. And I am so grateful, and I am so in love.”

Miley Cyrus Said That “She Had To” Breakup With Liam Hemsworth Back In 2013

“I had to put myself in that place…you know, what came first was I liked it. I was happy about it. And, I didn’t like it because I thought I had done something that was gonna make everyone talk about me. That’s not why I liked it. I liked it because I was, like, ‘Oh! I just came out of a giant bear and ain’t nobody doin’ that. I came out with all my friends and we fucking had a great time.'”