Morgan Murrell

42 Anime Shows You Should Probably Be Watching On Netflix, Hulu, And Amazon Prime

Where you can watch it: Netflix

Why you should watch it: “Sure, it’s kind of graphic, but it’s a psychedelic trip into war and the dark sides of human nature. It’s the best anime of 2018, by far! It’s such a bitter ending that leaves you with a sick feeling in your stomach, but the ride to get there is amazing. If you watched the original Devilman, you’ll know what I’m talking about, since this follows that plot pretty closely. If you haven’t, you’ll just have to ride along with Akira, Ryo and Miki, and just see what happens.” —evelynspencer02

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Just Celebrated 30 Years Of Marriage And My Heart Is Full

So, what’s the secret to their long-lasting marriage? The Post star believes honesty is key.

Tom Hanks opened up about this during an episode of Sooo Many White Guys with host Phoebe Robinson:

We learned the secret of happiness with each other a long time ago and that’s always telling the truth.

I will say that, right from the get-go, I thought there was something crazy great about her. I met her and I thought, “Oh lord … there’s something cookin’ here.”