Morgan Murrell

40 Awesome TV BFFs That Will Withstand The Test Of Time

“The best BFFLs everrrrrr! They’re each other’s person. I respect how much they trust each other and how open they are. They are goals and I legit want a ‘person’ like that. They’ve stuck by each other through plane crashes, death, marriage, near-death experiences, depression, heartbreak, successes, difficult decisions, and everything else that life entails. No matter what happens you know that they have each other’s backs and that their love for each other will never fade. What more can you ask for in a friendship?”


Shonda Rhimes Revealed The “Grey's Anatomy” Characters She Wants To Bring Back And I'm Crying Happy Tears

Oh and just in case you were wondering, Shonda officially confirmed Grey’s Anatomy will be returning for a 15th season.

“There will definitely be a 15th season of Grey’s Anatomy. We’re filming it now. They’ve already had their first table read and they’re off and running. It is pretty great. It keeps going. The show just keeps on going. You guys are amazing.”