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Pop Singer Willa Ford Blames 9/11 For Her Failed Music Career

Willa released the following statement to People regarding her 9/11 comment:

In a recent interview with Billboard, I made a comment about the release of a single by my record label on September 11, 2001, where I stated Everything that happened that day froze; the world stood still as it should have. During the past day, other news outlets have taken the liberty to say that I somehow blamed 9/11 for my song not taking off … this could not be further from the truth.

It was meant to be an inspirational piece about how the universe sent me in a new and different direction, one that has led me to success and joy in other areas of my personal and professional life.

Jay-Z Reveals How He Regained Beyonce's Trust After Their Relationship Started “Cracking”

But it seems like Blue Ivy’s daddy still has more to say. During an exclusive Tidal segment on Monday, Jay explained how he helped restore the trust in their relationship:

He was joined by other celebrities like Will Smith, Jesse Williams, Kendrick Lamar, and Aziz Ansari to talk about dating in the public eye.

The 47-year-old Brooklyn native knew honesty was the only way their marriage would survive, so Jay allowed Bey to listen to the entire album way before its release.

Which isn’t too much of a surprise, since the 22-time Grammy winner allowed her husband to do the same thing long before Lemonade made its debut.

Hayley Williams Opens Up About Quitting Paramore And Battling Depression

But with the help of her lead songwriting partner Taylor York and the album’s co-producer Justin Meldal-Johnson, Hayley was able to find the inspiration she needed.

Despite taking a break from the band, the Taylor and Justin decided to send Hayley unfinished tracks just to see what magic would form from them.

We both had doubts, and we had unity in that. I told her she didn’t have to do stuff. But I just kept writing, and then there was this time that she got it again. –Taylor York

So, it’s no surprise the first song created for the album was titled “Forgiveness.”

But there were other factors that hindered the 28-year-old artist from wanting to continue with the group. Along with exhaustion, Hayley also revealed she’s been battling with depression for a few years.