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The Haim Sisters Prove They Never Back Down From A Dare

If you’re not obsessed with Haim yet, then the fact is, you’re on the wrong side of history. The three sisters from The Valley, Este Haim, Danielle Haim, and Alana Haim, just released their second studio album Something To Tell You, and it will make you feel all types of ways. Not only do they kill it on pretty much every musical instrument, but it turns out they are damn good at Jenga too. They stopped by BuzzFeed to play Truth or Dare Jenga and after a game that no one was sure would ever end, this is what we learned.

Danielle: We rehearsed from two to six in the morning—Sunday AM, Sunday morning. The street wasn’t completely blocked off.

Alana: There was just a little puzzle piece blocked off.

Danielle: Yes, a puzzle piece of Ventura boulevard. And then from six to eight in the morning it was completely shut down, this little two-block radius. We did 15 takes, because it’s all one shot. Shout out to Jake Schreier—

Este: No movie magic there!

Alana: And then, the one that we actually did, you can see it in the video.

Este: It says the time on the bank.

Danielle: And you can see the temperature. Which I think was 59 degrees.

Danielle: How did you know?

Este: I’m so glad I didn’t get this question.

Danielle: I think it would have to be that Levi’s gotta go. I love this [jacket].

Alana: [Posing Este] HAIM a little tea pot!!! There we go. And then tip the tea.

Este: Actually, Danielle, can you put your face in the teapot hole? DONE. BOOSH.

Danielle: Este, for our new video “Want You Back,” definitely came up with this move [see GIF above].

Este: Danielle, you were the one who was like, we need to break free at the end!

Alana: And I did…nothing.

Este: That’s not true!

Alana: I forgot the dance.

Este: We all had our moments.

Alana: I’m going to be truthful, because this is truth or dare. I’m not a choreographer, I leave it up to these two. We had some help, cause we also need someone to bounce ideas off of. Francis and the Lights helped us—we love you Francis. And our friend Ian helped us. It was a collab, if you will.

Official Lyrics:

Este Haim, you are my oldest sister (Accurate)
And when I need help, I come to you, for boy advice! (Of course you do!)
Este Haim, what would I do, I don’t know, it’s really true,
Cause you’re the best, the best in the west. And I loveee you, hey hey.

Este: Well, first of all: Niecy Nash—love of my life, fire of my loins.

Danielle: Heart eyes emoji.

Este: Randomly, in Studio City, there was a yard sale, and we have been known to frequent many a yard sale. [I] did not know I was going to a Clean House yard sale and walked up, saw the cameras, and said there’s no way. No way.

Danielle: Also, we loved that show.

Alana: The fact that they came to the Valley—818 was so happy, let me tell you.

Este: I was just like, yes please. Where do I go? Just point me in the direction of the beauteous Niecy Nash. And literally it came true. If my memory serves me right, I was wearing a bouffant in the front?

Danielle: Let’s be realistic, it was a mullet.

Alana: That’s ok, I was wearing a headband and braces. I still have those Barbie cards by the way. Look it up. I still have them to this day, in a Crayola box.

Este: The lesson to be learned is, if you have a yard sale, we will come.

And the motorcycle?

Este: Sore subject.

Chillax Everyone, Lorde Is Still Friends With Taylor Swift

It reads:

Wow — something of a frustrating thing to have to address online, but here we go,” she wrote. “Taylor is a dear friend. I love her very much. In the interview in question I had just been talking about Bowie and Patti Smith ― those were the ‘idols’ I was referring to that I was saying I’m not friends with, not Taylor!

“I’ve always found people’s perception of this ‘squad’ idea frustrating in the past; it was never some exclusive club or secret society, but a wide circle of people, some of whom I know, and some who I’ve never met, like most wide groups of friends. Forgive me for the mild eyeroll I popped when it was brought up as if we’re all blood members of a secret cult,” she continued.

“Really shitty to wake up to headlines about whether or not you’ve jumped ship on someone you deeply respect and ride for. I want to say one more time that Taylor has been there for me in all my dark and light moments these past 5 years. All of them. I fucked up an interview question. Now go sip a beverage and head out on a walk.

Come Fishing For A Compliment!

You got: You’re so funny and adorable

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You got: You’re the favorite friend

Like, literally you are everyone’s fav. When people talk about people that they love the most, your name comes up first. Maybe its how effortlessly cool you are or idk, you’ve just got ~it~. Also you have great hair.

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You got: Your style is amazing and you’re also beloved

Those shoes! That shirt! That personality! You’re so wonderful. People want to be you, or just be around you, its a fact.

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69 Things The New Barbie Ken With A Manbun Is Definitely Into

1. Texting “haha and then what?”

2. Listening to OAR in 2009

3. Saying “well, I had a bun before it was cool”

4. Yelling Chainsmokers lyrics after a two drinks

5. “Showering… can I come?”

6. Majoring in Sports Medicine or Criminal Justice

7. Ironically using the boomerang feature on Instragram

8. Alternating between calling Instagram “Insta” and “The Gram”

9. A little man named Davey Matthews

10. Wearing an old Detroit Pistons basketball jersey to a concert

11. Wearing a green Red Sox St. Patrick’s Day hat to a concert

12. Wearing a backpack with no shirt on, also at a concert

13. Wearing a tank top with huge block letters that says, like, “I LIKE TO PARTY” in giant letters, again at a concert

14. Talking about how good Rugrats was

15. Having an extensive collection of flannels

16. Shoes with no socks

17. Showing up at the bar in a Romphim “just for laffs” but secretly liking being like “Hell. Yea.”

18. Texting you to see if they can buy weed off you

19. Splitting the check with Barbie on a first date

20. Asking Barbie to borrow her conditioner

21. Talking about that “I love bacon” phase they went through six years ago

22. Picking up a guitar and just riffin’

23. But only knowing how to play The General on the guitar

24. “Bringing back” Hawaiian shirts

25. “Bringing back” short shorts

26. Having two older sisters

27. Saying “yo you see Barstool yesterday?”

28. Owning 4-5 deep V necks

29. Arguing about Wonder Woman

30. Still complaining about the ending “Lost”

31. Sugar-free Red Bull

32. Ironically using that flower crown Snapchat filter but really loving it

33. Watching Bravo shows

34. Really, really trying to talk about Bravo shows to prove they watch Bravo shows

35. Not being afraid to wear pink

36. Ignition (Remix)

37. Wearing leggings at the gym

38. Taking pics of himself wearing leggings at the gym

39. Sometimes wearing shorts OVER his leggings at the gym

40. Tribal print shirts

41. Animal print shirts

42. Scoop neck tank tops

43. Talking about how his wireless headphones “grew on him”

44. Having a tiny dog

45. Giving that tiny dog a matching man bun and ‘gramming it

46. Being unafraid to use emojis

47. Wearing shorts to work

48. Having an “octobeard” after No Shave November

49. Saying “it’s not a man bun, it’s just a bun!”

50. Having juuuuuust not enough hair for a man bun

51. Wearing some beaded bracelets

52. Ankle bracelets

53. Artisanal coffee

54. Artisanal cheese

55. Artisanal spectacles

56. Toms

57. Going to spin class

58. “Getting into yoga”

59. Tiny bathing suits

60. Trying the newest Starbucks Frappuccinos

61. Telling the barista at Starbucks that Barbie’s drink is “on me”

62. Cracking their iPhone screen and never getting it fixed

63. Liking Bernie Sanders but forgetting to vote in the primaries

64. Studying abroad in Australia

65. Shotgunning a beer after already drinking, like, four

66. Tagging their friends on thefatjewish posts

67. Passionately arguing that Mexican food is wayyy better in California

68. One Republic, probably

69. Always asking “You hear the new Drake?”