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This Is Kate McKinnon's Trick To Keeping A Straight Face On “SNL”

What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes moment at SNL?

Kate McKinnon: You know, it’s really fun just running around backstage when everyone is getting changed, and it feels like a middle school play all over again — sometimes you see someone naked.

Has anyone ever confronted you about your impersonation of them?

KM: I have only had positive interactions in relation to my impressions of people, which I’m happy because I do them with love and I hope that the people who I do them of really like them.

How is your ‘son’ Nino [McKinnon’s cat] doing?

KM: My son Nino, who I hope is not watching this because he would not like to see me fawning over some [whispers] dogs, he’s doing very well. Even though it is very hot in the summer, and he doesn’t love that.

Did you ever find your Emmy award?

KM: I think my Emmy award has run away to another continent, because I have not heard from him or her in months.

If you wrote a personal memoir, what would the title be?

KM: Before 10 minutes ago it might’ve been something different, but now it is Swimmin’ In Fur.

How do you keep a straight face on SNL?

KM: The trick is, I guess, fear. You don’t want to ruin it by laughing — but I often do.

What was it like working with Maddie Ziegler in Leap?

KM: Oh my goodness. Maddie Ziegler is the most amazing dancer I’ve ever seen, and I’m so obsessed with her. I was obsessed with her even before she did her first Sia video. And so I was so excited that she was doing this, because I’m so obsessed with her as an artist, and she’s so young and it’s crazy that she’s such an amazing innovator.

What’s the backstory behind the salute that you always do?

KM: That’s an interesting question! There is no backstory. I just like to salute, and I guess it became a thing.

What’s the most difficult part about doing an animated film?

KM: I think, you know, sometimes you don’t get to — you’re not in the room with the people you’re acting against. And sometimes you’ve done your parts on different days, so sometimes you don’t get to see who you’re acting against.

Raven-Symoné Just Answered Everything We Wanted To Know About “That's So Raven” And It's Nostalgic AF

Let’s just get straight to the point: Raven Baxter — and all of her crazy visions, insane antics, and outrageous costumes — was pretty much the highlight of the early 2000s. And while it’s been a decade since That’s So Raven graced our TV screens, things are finally starting to look up, because the iconic on-screen duo Raven-Symoné and Anneliese van der Pol are back once again with the brand new spinoff, Raven’s Home.

In celebration of the new series, Raven stopped by BuzzFeed New York to answer everything you’ve always wanted to know about her iconic roles in That’s So Raven, Zenon Girl of the 21st Century, and much more. Here’s what we learned.

“How would you say you and your character Raven Baxter have changed between That’s So Raven and Raven’s Home?”

RS: Well Raven Baxter has changed, she has two kids, they’re twins. She has a job, she’s divorced from Devon, and she’s a grown woman. Raven-Symoné

— I came out and I’m an artist, I’m a painter.

“If you had to choose between ‘Oh snap!’ or ‘Ya nasty,’ which one would you give up?”

RS: I’d not say “Ya nasty” anymore. Because it’s like a petite couture word, it has to be worthy.

“What was your overall favorite thing about being a part of That’s So Raven?”

RS: It would have to be the camaraderie we had behind the scenes. We had SUCH a fun time, I don’t know how many cakes I’ve had in my face and hair, all of the costumes we had, and the fact that we were a family. And it just goes to show we were because a lot of the crew, hair and makeup team and everyone came back for the installment of Raven’s Home.

That’s So Raven discussed issues like body-shaming, will similar issues also be presented on Raven’s Home?”

RS: Yes, similar issues will be presented as the seasons continue. As for this season, we touch on some topics, but not as in depth as that one, not as in depth as body shaming. We touch on wearing makeup when you’re not supposed to and stealing it, ways of mothering, ways of parenting, and lots of other topics with the kids. But we’re gonna dive into the real ones if we get a second season for sure.

“Who was your favorite on-screen boyfriend?”

RS: Let’s see, my favorite on-screen boyfriend would have to be Devon, only because he was like my friend too. And we were cool, and we work together now, and we’ve always kept in touch. He’s cool peoples. He’s not like, weird. It’s okay. I like him.

“Did you ever improvise lines in That’s So Raven or will you in Raven’s Home?”

RS: I did not improvise that much on That’s So Raven in the very beginning. As we all got comfortable with who Raven Baxter was and I understood the guidelines of what I could and could not say on Disney, there were ad libs such as “Ya nasty,” and “Oh snap!” As I go into Raven’s Home, it’s funny because I tell the kids, “You can’t ad lib yet!” And they’re like, “Why!” And I’m like, “I don’t know, it just is, it works, I promise! I hate it too, but do it!” So that’s just how it is right now, it’s fun, and I’m just trying my best not to ad lib. They used to call me AW (As Written), ‘cause I just wouldn’t do it. And now my memory’s real bad, oh, I feel so bad for them.

Here's Liam Payne Playing With Puppies While Talking One Direction, Tattoos, And New Music

Ever since he walked onto The X Factor UK stage back in 2010, we’ve all fallen in love with Liam’s dance moves, his fear of spoons, and, most importantly, his angelic voice. And while we all had a brief moment of panic as One Direction went on hiatus, we can finally take a deep breath again, because Liam is back in full swing — this time on his own — ready to take over the #1 spot on your playlist once again.

In celebration of his new music, Liam stopped by BuzzFeed to play with some rescue puppies while revealing everything you’ve been dying to know — because there is no better sight than Liam Payne cuddling with some cute as hell pups. Here’s what went down.

“Is your album going to mirror Strip That Down or is there going to be a mix of different genres?”

LP: Yes, there are sections of the album that are quite like “Strip That Down,” but there’s parts of it that are — there’s some ballads, there’s some hip-hop songs, there’s some more dance music. So I think there’s a really varied mix of different things that we have.

“Are we gonna hear any other exciting collaborations on the first album?”

LP: There’s talk of maybe doing a collaboration, but I can’t tell you who it is yet. But she is, uh, an artist. [laughs] That’s very open, isn’t it?

“What was the last text message you sent, and who was it to?”

LP: The last text message I sent was “Check the vids aha” to one of my friends, because I was doing some silly videos on Instagram. That was a lot more boring than I thought it was gonna be.

“If you could collab with any female artist, who would it be?”

LP: I would collaborate with Nicki Minaj.

“What was it like working with Zedd?”

LP: Zedd’s amazing — he’s really good at what he does. He’s super, super talented. Because I know a lot of people have a thing about DJs and stuff, but he’s more than that. He’s been playing piano since he was like 5 or something, so he’s an absolute musical genius. It was great working with him, and he’s open-minded and super collaborative with things, so he doesn’t mind if people take over a little bit. And that’s what we did with this song, “Get Low,” and I loved how it turned out. It’s one of my favorite songs we’ve done.

“What does a perfect day look like to you?”

LP: Oh, I never thought about that. I would wake up at around 9, go to the gym for a little bit. I’d sit and watch — I’d have the new series of Peaky Blinders out now, that would be a good day, so I don’t have to wait for ages. And then I would have an In-N-Out burger because they are the best thing known to man. That would be quite the perfect day.

Pack A Suitcase And We'll Tell You Where To Vacation In Europe

You got: Interlaken, Switzerland

Known as the adventure sport capital of Europe, you can get your adrenaline pumping with everything from rafting and canyoning, to running off of a mountain and paragliding. But even if an adventure holiday isn’t your thing, the insanely beautiful lakes and Alps are enough to warrant a visit.

Interlaken, Switzerland
Peter Burnett / Getty

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You got: Reykjavik, Iceland

Whether you spend the night trying to chase the Northern Lights, hike an actual glacier, go whale-watching, or bask in the life-changing Blue Lagoon, you’re basically never gonna want to leave Iceland.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Veronica Bogaerts / Getty

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You got: Lugano, Switzerland

If you want to be in awe of the Alps but also have a mediterranean lake vibe, Lugano is the perfect spot. The southern Swiss city is nestled next to Italy so you can dine on your favorite pasta dishes, or rent a boat and spend the day cruising along the stunning lake.

Lugano, Switzerland
justhavealook / Getty

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You got: Mykonos, Greece

After spending the day soakin’ up the sun on the stunning beaches, get ready for a dance party until the early hours of the morning — this party-hard Greek island does not mess around.

Mykonos, Greece
/ Getty

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You got: Positano, Italy

Whether you dine on the balcony of a stunning cliffside hotel or hangout on the pebble beach, there’s really not one place in this Amalfi Coast village that won’t make your jaw drop.

Positano, Italy
Tsomchat / Getty

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You got: Dubrovnik, Croatia

After exploring the incredible 16th century architecture and taking in the stunning Adriatic Sea, you can also hunt down some of your favorite Game of Thrones filming locations. Truthfully, what more could you want out of a vacay?

Dubrovnik, Croatia
WitR / Getty

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“Younger” Stars Hilary Duff And Sutton Foster Answer Everything You've Been Wanting To Know

HD: Like, right now? Let’s prank-call my assistant. Okay, what am I gonna say?

SF: You could say, like, your pizza delivery is on the way.

HD: [on the phone] Hi ma’am, uh, you won a free pizza!

Hilary’s assistant: [on the phone] Are you guys serious?!

HD: See, I’m terrible.

Hilary’s assistant: You what?

HD: You’re just getting prank-called on BuzzFeed right now.

Hilary’s assistant: I knew it!

HD: You guys, the problem is I’ve done this before.

Gwyneth Paltrow And Jessica Alba Interviewed Each Other And It Was Cute As Hell

GP: My dad gave me the best advice pertaining to every situation. In my twenties I was having trouble with one of my girlfriends who I had known since grade school and he said, “You can’t make new old friends.” And it really stuck with me. That’s actually a piece of advice I think you can apply to other things too. But it’s like, the value in time. You know, it’s sort of like what you were saying with Cash, like, the value that’s created when two people make a commitment, whether it’s a relationship or a commitment or a parent-child relationship — to commit to the commitment is very powerful.

JA: It is very powerful. I think people who come from my kind of background feel like certain things aren’t meant for you because your circumstance is different. And my mom was always like, you can have absolutely anything you want in this world if you work hard.

GP: It’s true.

JA: And so that stuck with me from day one.

GP: She must be so proud of you! I feel like I always learn something when I sit next to [Jessica]. Like you always are surprising in the best way, with your answers. It was nice to hear what you just said about your mom and your family.

JA: You know what I think is great about our show [Planet of the Apps] is we’re not reality TV folks, obviously. People get to see a side to Gwyneth and I — I got to see and learn a side to her that’s, she’s so freaking smart but so emotionally intelligent. And I think that’s something that you can’t really learn. You either have it or you don’t. I haven’t seen a lot of actresses that have been emotionally intelligent in this way, and I really appreciate it.

GP: Thank you! That was so nice. Thank you.