Keely Flaherty

My Dudes, Here Are 5 Easy “Queer Eye” Tips You Can Use

“For me, a lot of people don’t care about cooking. They don’t have that interest. But I think if you look at your life, and you look at the people who you’re grateful to have, [cooking] is such a great way of showing thanks.

If you find someone in your life who you’re grateful for, who you really love, it’s a great reason to learn how to [cook]. Start off with French cuisine, because it’s all about technique and can teach you how to make anything. It’s the basis, I think, for any single kind of food preparation.

Honestly, YouTube PBS videos of early Julia Child — they’re inspiring and warm and beautiful little demos.” —Antoni Porowski, Food & Wine Expert

Here Are The “Queer Eye” Transformations That Were The Most Challenging

“My most challenging episode is one that kind of flies under the radar, which is Joe Gallois. For me, [the show] was all about being comfortable and breaking out of your shell, and even though Neal was resistant, he was a little more comfortable because he had [Tan] and he could relate. But Joe could not relate to any of us.

He was just like, ‘I’m scared. I don’t wanna do this. I would rather be living next to my mom and dad for the rest of my life.’ And for us to get him out of that in such a short time, and to see him blossom and get a girl, it was [great].

But he took [his website] down! He said, ‘I’m not sure if i’m ready for that point in my career.’ I was like, ‘I’m building you this because in a matter of months, millions of people are gonna see you and flock to your website.’ And he took it down.” —Karamo Brown