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17 Aaron Carter Fashion Choices That Are Literally Peak '00s

2. When he wore this important necklace in case anyone didn’t recognize him at The Grammys:

Dan Callister / Getty Images

3. When he chilled in a fresh blazer with Bow Wow back when he still had the Lil’ in his name:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

4. When he got pied in the face by his older bro Nick:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

5. …And when he and Nick wore these outfits in public:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

6. When his arm was bit by Nick while the two wore outfits I definitely saw at my summer camp in 2001…

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

7. …And, of course, that time he and Nick got real sporty:

Stuart Ramson / Getty Images

8. OKAY, THAT’S QUITE ENOUGH OF NICK NOW! Let’s remember that time he chilled with The Rock instead:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

9. Or when he wore this very edgy look to the Rugrats In Paris premiere:

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

10. When he lived his best life with Jimmy Neutron:

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

11. When he sprawled out like a b-o-s-s at a concert:

Gabe Palacio / Getty Images

12. When he wore a very cool necklace and shirt combo to the British premiere of Crossroads:

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

13. When he proved he could seriously pull off a tux:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

14. When he and Hilary Duff were young and in love:

Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images

15. When he wore the fuck out of this patterned shirt:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

16. When he tried to play it cool in this v trendy outfit:

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

17. And finally, just…everything about this:

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

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