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Chrissy Teigen Has Low-Key Had A Secret Food Blog Since 2011

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Did you know Chrissy had a food blog this whole damn time?

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    Yes. This is old news.

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    No! I'm honestly surprised!

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    Nope ― and I don't care.

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    OMG how much did Chrissy pay BuzzFeed to write this?!

Hayley Kiyoko's New Video Is For All The Girls Out There Crushing Hard On Someone

Kiyoko went on to express the importance of casting diverse actors in her videos, which usually doesn't end up being an easy task.

"You end up going into the pool of the Hollywood world of trying to cast your actresses, and it's difficult," she said. "There isn't a lot of diversity. I had a specific vision in mind, and then you get a list that's only half a page. You end up having to dig deep to search for the right people."

8 Reasons Rory And Logan Are Filth Who Deserve Each Other

Lorelai literally took Rory from being swaddled in a shed to graduating from Yale, and how does Rory repay her?! By running back to the life that Lorelai spent her life trying to get away from, thus stabbing Lorelai in her equally problematic back!!!

While Logan's parents really are Satan and Satanita incarnates, they truly do have good intentions when it comes to him. I mean, they kept him in prep schools even after he kept getting kicked out, and then got his weak ass into Yale. Even though it must suck for Logan, his family won't let him fail.

Adam Scott Just Debunked That “Parks & Rec” / “Friends” Fan Theory

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